Noelle Fabrizio

Storytelling, Marketing, Development

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At a loss for words? I specialize in taking your jumbled thoughts, goals and ideas and turning them into strategic and compelling content.

I focus on creating content for businesses looking to connect with and convert their audiences - no matter their platform or medium. I'm a copywriter with marketing smarts, which means I approach all that I do from a strategic perspective.


Marketing, Ad and PR Samples

Campaign Email for Lapsed Donors

I designed and created this e-blast to encourage lapsed donors to make a gift to the Employee Giving Campaign.

The Baldwin School
Admissions Packet

Working with different constituencies in the school, I crafted copy that would highlight not only the school's programs and offerings but its personality as well.

The Baldwin School
State of the School Report

I wrote the copy for this report on the school's accomplishments and highlights in the 2014-15 school year including the letter from the Head of School.

The Baldwin School
Space Balloon Press Release

This is a press release I created to announce Baldwin's 5th grade launching a space balloon.

Baldwin School Ad

I created the copy for this ad highlighting Baldwin's arts programs.


Main Line Parent
A Sterling Reputation

This is an article I wrote for Main Line Parent magazine about a local restaurant and its owner.

Echoes (The Baldwin School Magazine)
Remembering Anne Shoemaker

I wrote this article for The Baldwin School community magazine honoring the life and legacy of a former Head of School that had just passed away.

Echoes (The Baldwin School Alumnae Magazine)
Dedicated to Opening Minds

This is an article I wrote for Baldwin's alumnae magazine about an alum and current faculty member.

Drawtown Presses On

An article featuring an interview with famed courtroom artist Ted Michalowski highlighting a local art and music event he coordinated.

A River of Recreation

An article on dragon boat racing and other activities taking place during RiverFest- an event created to draw the community to the Susquehanna River in Wilkes-Barre.

Be Who You 'R' at Twist Prom

Following the bullying of a local gay student by a teacher after the prom at his school, a local gay bar and club hosted a prom for LGBTQ youth.


The Baldwin School
Head of School E-Letter on Diversity

This is a sample of one of the many letters I ghostwrote for the Head of School. This letter went to parents, faculty and staff.

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