Noah Smith

Multimedia Journalist

Los Angeles, CA


The Forward

L.A.'s Eric Garcetti Dons Kippah for Instagram - Forward Thinking

Getty Images After a year on the job, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, 43, has enjoyed mostly positive reviews from Angelenos and from observers of City Hall, who have credited...

The New York Times

CONTRIB Clinton 'First Brother' Is Wary, Chatty and Still Occasionally Attracting Attention

TORRANCE, Calif. - At the height of Roger Clinton's fame, the struggling rock singer stood accused of taking cash and a gold Rolex to lobby for pardons as his half brother Bill...

The Guardian

PHOTOS Whisper: the facts

On Thursday the Guardian published three stories detailing how Whisper, the social media app that claims to be "the safest place on the internet", is tracking the location of...

The New York Times

CONTRIB Simmering Labor Fight Brings Crippling Delays to West Coast Seaports

LOS ANGELES - The container ships arrive here filled with appliances, toys, apparel, auto parts, computer components and untold other products from Asia, to head out to stores...

The New York Times

The Pen

Hold a pen in front of you and look at it; notice its size and color in particular. Now, slowly move it away until you have your arm fully extended. Notice anything different?...


L.A. Jewish community condemns Clippers owner - Jewish World News

In the wake of the scandal surrounding the racist remarks attributed to Los Angeles Clippers owner and real estate billionaire Donald Sterling, the Los Angeles Jewish community...


UCLA chancellor condemns effort to ban student leader trips to Israel - Jewish World News

Following months of contentious debate, the chancellor of the University of California at Los Angeles has condemned efforts by pro-Palestinian groups to bar student council...

The Forward

Israeli Television Hitmakers Take Hollywood by Storm - Eye Global Market

Amid rising calls in some quarters for a boycott of Israel, creating television shows is one export that is humming like never before around the world - and even making quiet...


Max Steinberg's Jewish Journey From Los Angeles Suburb to Death in Gaza

courtesy of steinberg family (Haaretz) - The death of a 24-year-old Birthright graduate from L.A. has brought the battles taking place in the Middle East home for many in this...

The Forward

Anti-Defamation League Signals New Path as Jonathan Greenblatt Takes Helm

In its choice of a new leader, the century-old Anti-Defamation League has clearly signaled its determination to pursue a course of generational change that reflects the...

The Oakland Press

As new settlements will dominate politics in Israel, some see benefit of both sides living together

With Israeli Prime Minsister Benjamin Netanyahu retaining power in this week's election, future construction in the E1 area will remain at the forefront of international...


Anti-Israel protests go viral - and violent - in U.S. and Europe - Jewish World

Fallout from the hostilities between Israel and Hamas is spreading across Europe and the United States. Protests about the conflict have flared up, much like they did during...


Foreign networks snap up Israeli TV formats at trade fair in Cannes - Movies & Television

At this week's MIPTV Media Market in Cannes, France, which officially kicked off on Sunday, Israeli production companies Armoza Formats and Keshet Media Group have already...

Press and Guide

WORLD: Women in Israeli Army facing more combat situations (VIDEO)

WORLD: Women in Israeli Army facing more combat situations + VIDEO

The New York Times

CONTRIB ONLY 'Blurred Lines' Lawyer Rocks Music Industry Again

Ask Richard S. Busch, the lawyer who last week won a nearly $7.4 million copyright suit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, why he is so successful, and he will mention...

The Oakland Press

Bus attack in Israel does not stop cease-fire; local writer reports from Tel Aviv

TEL AVIV -- The piercing wail of air raid sirens was replaced today in Tel Aviv by a midday explosion on a city bus, though this escalation of violence did not stop a cease-fire...

Santa Barbara News-Press

Locals jumpy, on guard in Israel : Fight with Hamas has some hoping for best, prepping for worst

Monday, December 15, 2014 Santa Barbara News-Press : Locals jumpy, on guard in Israel : Fight with Hamas has some hoping for best, prepping for worst Locals jumpy, on guard in...

The Guardian

PHOTOS ONLY How the 'safest place on the internet' tracks its users

In an elegant warehouse-style building on Venice Beach known locally as "the fortress", Michael Heyward, a tech entrepreneur, was struggling to control the remote-controlled...

The New York Times

CONTRIB ONLY Skid Row Shaken as Los Angeles Police Kill Man in Confrontation Caught on Video

LOS ANGELES - A line of tents and people huddled in blankets filled the sidewalks of San Pedro Street on Monday morning in the heart of this city's Skid Row. The occasional...

The New York Times

CONTRIB ONLY Gettys Again Made to Cope With Grief in Public Eye

LOS ANGELES - The curious death of Andrew R. Getty on Tuesday at his gated hillside mansion here has once again thrust one of America's wealthiest and most-troubled families...