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My name is Namrata Jha and a Full Time Blogger of blog called NJWrites…

I guess you’re here because you want to know about me? I’m not all that good talking about myself, but i will give a shot..

Apart from my love of writing, I enjoy listening music,being creative & capture everything as photography is my second Passion..

I hope you enjoy reading a few select pieces of my work.


#OneLess campaign contribute to intercept plastic pollution

Single use plastic bottles are poisoning the ocean Oneless campaign is a pioneering initiative that encourages people to go for refillable bottle and intercept plastic pollution This campaign is run by Zoological Society of London with an aim to reduce
Human Action Impacts on Animal Life & Environment

World Animal Day is a day celebrated to raise and improve the standard welfare of animals around the globe This day is a great opportunity for everyone who cares about the animals and even to inspire other people to come

Environmental Content

NJ Writes
"All Need to Interpret Success for Ownself"

There is no explicit believed that what you 'should' be doing with life.... Everybody wants success in life that's genuine. But every people might have different conceptions related to word 'SUCCESS'. Now questions arises how often have you thought about what success means to you? Eventually Success is not thought by all people.

NJ Writes
Smash Your Resolution To Achieve Goals

It's that season once more! December 31st is around the bend, which implies that about portion of us are presently considering our new year's goals. Time is running out. The clock is ticking. 10, 9, 8, 7... You know how this goes... "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

NJ Writes
A simple, geninue wish to Santa!✨

Christmas is the season of giving and what could be the better way to welcome Christmas than to spread cheer. Different people have different ways of sharing. But the language of children is universal. Kids compose a letter with confidence that it will get satisfied as Santa is the wisher Composing letter would be the...

NJ Writes
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I started this blog with the intention of writing & expressing my thoughts and share my journey into the writing world with others! I used to follow a lot of inspirational & personal blogs before starting with NJ Writes and it felt so good to know that we can share our belief & opinion through words with other like-minded people!

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