Nita Rao

Writer and Fact-Checker

I write and I fact-check because I love reading, words, detective work and listening to other people's stories.
Writing specialties: pop culture coverage, book reviews, personal essays, intimate journalism.
Writing sample: "Loneliness is two candlesticks on a dead woman's dining room table."
Fact-checking: features, columns, reviews, investigative news pieces, everything from "Hot Hollywood" to NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto.



Punk, Not Clunk: Wearable Tech Gets Fashion Makeover
Tory Burch is known for her Marrakesh-meets-boho-prep garden party aesthetic. Rebecca Minkoff for her polished punk line of haute totes and clutches. Both debuted wearable tech...
How Frida Kahlo's Love Letter Shaped Romance for Punk Poet Patti Smith
Perfect Day
And this is how one perfect ordinary day unravels: with a tin of peppermints and two black ponytail elastics in my back pocket...
Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss
Mystery writer Sophie Katz is a peppery vodka gimlet of a gal who gads about sleuthing crimes in a chic, papery coat. But like any hard-boiled dame worth her smelling salts...
In The Belly Of The Beast
2014 Webby Award Nominee. Research/Reporting.
South Indian Audrey Hepburn


Gap Inc. | "Let's Do More"

This Cancer Detective Is Changing the World
Brittany Wenger invented an artificial intelligence breast cancer detection app at 17. "You don't have to be born with a beaker to change things," she says....
Kate Middleton is the Queen of Reuse
The former Kate Middleton is Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge now. Yet the glossy chestnut locks and endearing awkwardness– these have stayed the same.Another...
From Grown to Sewn: Haute Homespun Fashion
Alabama couture designers' "field-to-garment" cotton project resurrects their hometown's faded textile industry one organic t-shirt at a time.


Olive Kitteridge
Tart, sorrowful Olive Kitteridge is the moody battle-ax intersecting each of Elizabeth Strout's exquisitely spare new "novel in stories." Imperfect and struggling, Strout's...
You may or may not get mussed throwing darts at this roomy dive where a cheeky note decrees "Please Respect Our Neighbors and Shut the Fxxk Up!"...
The Master Bedroom
Kate Flynn is a forty-something college prof who leaves lipstick on the rims of whiskey glasses and claw marks in her cold cream...

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Uncle Billy's Brew & Que
The summer sunsets over Lake Travis blaze blood orange, then gold...
Five Frugal Ways to Go Hollywood on a Dime
St. Bernard Sports
Browse and behold the retro preppy madras plaids, breezy sundresses, and Hawaiian hibiscus prints...

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The Last Giraffe: Will the Beloved Giant Disappear Before Scientists Even Begin to Understand It?
What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?
One Man's Lifelong Pursuit of Pluto is About to Get Real

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Death and Politics: Did a Vicious Campaign Drive a Candidate to Suicide?
Life and Death in a Troubled Teen Boot Camp

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