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I think ordinary details tell extraordinary stories and I believe emotions drive content. I value small moments. I write about everyday life: spare key hiding places, sticky cough drop wrappers, forgotten lipsticks rolling around junk drawers and the like.

I specialize in beauty, fashion, wellness, and pop culture. My roots are in print and digital journalism. I also have product copywriting and content writing experience. I trust in fact-checking. Accuracy always comes first.



The Village Voice
Blood Sport

In Robert Anasi's compelling memoir, a dying blood sport is reincarnated as a metaphor for redemption under flawed circumstances.

The Village Voice
Perfect Day

And this is how one perfect ordinary day unravels: with a tin of peppermints and two black ponytail elastics in my back pocket.

The Village Voice
Haircut 101

In 2000's The Virgin Suicides, Kirsten Dunst is a milk bubble of a nymphet – luminous, lustful, and blessed with splendid hair.
In The Belly Of The Beast

Wrote sidebars and infographics for's first multimedia feature.


Gap Inc. | aDressed
All That Glitters is Limited Edition (and Gold)

Visionaire fashion and art magazine and Gap have teamed up for the third time to design a new line of 15 limited edition T-shirts. “The Gold Collection” features foil-stamping and triple-gold ink printing technique, along with art from past issues of Visionaire.

Gap Inc. | aDressed
Knitbombers Get Cozy at Old Navy’s San Francisco Flagship Store

Sister knitters Lorna and Jill Watt spent 140 hours using “every fiber art tool known to man” (bobby pins, thumb tacks, lazy Susans, and college ruled notebooks, included) to create their most ambitious yarnbomb to date: a 1950 Chevy truck at Old Navy’s flagship store in San Francisco.

Facebook Deals

Browse and behold the retro preppy madras plaids, breezy sundresses, and Hawaiian hibiscus prints draping boardshorts at clothing, shoe, and gear boutique, St. Bernard Sports. Then splurge with this 50% off deal...

Facebook Deals

The summer sunsets over Lake Travis blaze blood orange, then gold. Now you can witness this miracle with your honey and a few friends. Snag this deal: pay $10 for $20 worth of Uncle Billy's southern comfort food and stay for supper under moonlight.


Gap Inc. | aDressed
Lost Property of London Makes Burlap Coffee Sacks All the Rage

Brit designer Katy Bell hauls left-for-dead burlap coffee sacks off city sidewalks back to her studio where she transforms each bag– prickly fibers, block type and all– into the bespoke Maltby tote that launched her Lost Property of London high-end eco label in 2009.

Gap Inc. | Let's Do More
Kate Middleton is the Queen of Reuse

The former Kate Middleton is Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge now. Yet the glossy chestnut locks and endearing awkwardness– these have stayed the same. Another constant: Duchess Kate’s habit of remixing her wardrobe...

RetailMeNot, Inc. |
Make Small Talk With These 10 Tips For Shy Folks

Here are 10 foolproof conversation starters to ease school-event jitters and navigate neighborhood potlucks. Mind your manners. Always make proper introductions by landing a firm handshake, and offering your first and last names. No exceptions.


Italian for "bearded", Barbuto is the rustic, rambling restaurant that shares space with Industria Superstudio, in a converted warehouse and garage, with eight separate studios rented for high-fashion photo shoots (sister atelier: Milan).
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, author Helen Simonson’s wry, perceptive debut novel about love, the British class system, and family obligations, genially unfolds amid a quaint, leafy English village, tweedy and provincial as any Miss Marple mystery, drafty vicarage and all.

Time Out New York
The Master Bedroom

Kate Flynn is a forty-something college prof who leaves lipstick on the rims of whiskey glasses and claw marks in her cold cream...


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