Nina Tamburello


Nina Tamburello is a food, travel, technology and culture reporter and essayist based in San Francisco, California.

She has written about food-related startups, websites, apps, social media campaigns and career options for The Daily Muse and her work has been featured on Forbes and Mashable

Her humor pieces have been featured in The Scrib and performed at the Lit-up Writers series in San Francisco.

8 Ways Owning an iPhone is as Life-Altering as Having a Baby

I'm what those in the tech industry call a "late adopter". Truth is, I'm usually too broke to afford to buy shiny new gadgets as soon as they're released. Nevertheless, I recently made the long-anticipated plunge into the world of smartphones.

4 Job Interview Lessons You Can Learn From Stand-up Comedy

There was a time when I thought there was nothing more nerve-wracking than a job interview. That, however, was before I performed stand-up comedy. It turns out that standing in front of a roomful of strangers waiting for me to make them laugh was even scarier than sitting across from a hiring manager.

Must-Read Books for Food and Travel Junkies

There's only one thing I love more than trying new foods-and that's trying new foods in new places. But when I can't indulge my passion for travel, I grab a book and indulge in some armchair vacationing.

On a Roll: 3 Job Search Lessons from Food Trucks

Food trucks (or "vehicles of yumminess," as I like to call them) are all the rage these days. Started by culinary entrepreneurs, they roam the streets offering everything from tacos to crème brûlée. I'm a little obsessed with them, but I've also found from studying and following them (read: eating absurd amounts of food), that you can learn some great job search lessons from these little trucks.

5 Social Media Lessons You Can Learn From Food Companies

Every business owner knows that social media is a great way to build brand awareness and promote a product or service. The most savvy companies, however, understand that social media platforms are more than just outlets for promotion-they're a way to creatively engage customers and build relationships. How, exactly do they do that?

A Foodie Adventure in San Francisco: 7 Must-Try Restaurants

San Francisco is a paradise for food lovers. With restaurants, cafes, and food trucks galore, there are countless options no matter what your taste, diet, or budget. The only downside of all these amazing culinary possibilities is having too many choices and too little time, especially when you're just there for a visit!

From One-Day Gig to Growing Business: Hey, Cookie's Christa Hill | The Daily Muse

Unlike most food entrepreneurs in San Francisco, Christa Hill doesn't have a brick and mortar restaurant, a commercial storefront, or even a food truck. She bakes cookies in her San Francisco apartment-and then sells them in parks and local bars. What started as a quirky one-time fundraiser turned into a popular business.

The Best Cookbooks for Your iPad

for The Daily Muse Cookbooks have a come a long way since the days of Betty Crocker and Julia Child. No longer limited to paper and ink, they can now be viewed on smartphones and iPads.

Dining Alone? 6 Ways to Network Over Food

There's an episode of Seinfeld where Elaine has a special dish delivered to her in the janitor's closet of a neighboring building because she lives outside the restaurant's delivery zone. She explains to Jerry that, "It's better than eating it alone in the restaurant, like some loser."

Cooking Up New Ideas: 5 Must-Know Start-ups for Foodies

As foodies know, one of the most wonderful things about food is that it gets reinvented all the time as chefs bring fresh ideas and recipes to the table. But the very way we eat is rapidly changing, too, thanks to a new breed of food entrepreneurs with a hunger for innovation.