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Nina has experience writing for magazines, websites, newsletters and radio.

She specialises in the areas of nutrition, health, food, wellness and lifestyle.

You can view her blog at, follow her on Twitter @whatsforeats or send her an e-mail at [email protected]


Derwent Howard

Ultimate Guides: Recession Busting
Issue 17, 2009
Jamie's Ministry

It’s not your imagination! Yes, your supermarket shopping bill is growing. Climate change, natural disasters and the financial crisis have all contributed to the rising costs of our food. So it is no wonder that many of us now are finding it increasingly difficult to buy and prepare nutritious meals. There is no denying that it is cheaper to buy a loaf of white bread instead of wholegrain or that a kilo of sausages is always more affordable than a kilo of lean cut lamb....

The Modern Woman's Survival Guide

The Modern Woman's Survival Guide
Know your health professional

While there's no doubt we are savvy health care consumers, we still trust that our health professionals have had the right training and have our best interests at heart. And so when a consultation goes a bit awry like Nina Mills did or just doesn't feel right, we can often be left wondering what our options are?

The Modern Woman's Survival Guide
Quit the carb bashing

While it might be the trend de jour to dis carbs, reality is we actually need to eat them. Just like cars need petrol to run; our body also needs a fuel source to function properly. Nina Mills says eat carbs and enjoy the warm, satisfying feeling you get knowing that you are providing your body with the nourishment it needs.

The Modern Woman's Survival Guide
A different kind of hormone and how to keep it in balance

When we talk hormones, we're normally talking about the ones that go on a wild rampage once a month and have a tendency to disrupt our normally charming and composed selves. But there's another hormone circulating our body that also has the potential wreak havoc if out of balance.

The Modern Woman's Survival Guide
Misconceptions about living a gluten free life

What the heck is gluten anyway and why is a gluten free diet all the rage at the moment? Health columnist Nina Mills answers all of your questions including the difference between Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance, and the dangers of self diagnosis.

The Modern Woman's Survival Guide
Reading between the lines of conflicting 'health advice'

It can be overwhelming when we are bombarded with messages about health and fitness on a daily basis. MWSG's Health Columnist shares why you should not always take these messages on face value.

Deakin Nutrition

How to Look Good and Feel Fabulous

by [email protected] I know the secret to looking good and feeling fabulous on your wedding day. And it is one that is not going to cost the earth, doesn't involve going under the knife, doesn't require hours sweating it out with a personal trainer and doesn't mean going on a restrictive diet.

Fat is Your Friend

by [email protected] Fat is your friend. Now stay with me on this one. I am not talking crazy. As much as I want women to be happy in their own skins and comfortable with the shape of their bodies, I am not going to pretend for one minute that impending nuptials don't send brides-to-be off on a quest to shed kilos, or tone arms, or achieve radiant skin.

Stress and Planning A Wedding

by [email protected] Tell me if you can relate to this? I have an overseas holiday planned that I am super excited about. But in the lead up I have deadlines to meet and work to wrap up at the day job; there are passports, visas, travel insurance and currency to organise, suitcases to be packed, finding someone to look after the pets, newspapers to be cancelled, getting someone to collect the mail...the list goes on!

On The Big Day

by [email protected] In my last three posts I have talked about eating well and managing stress in the lead up to your wedding day. For my last post on, I thought I would talk about how you can apply those same strategies on The Big Day.

Crave Life

Know your yoga

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but what exactly is it? Elise Watts, Body, Mind, Exercise and Wellness expert, author and owner of 'the stillpoint wellness' explains, "Yoga is a spiritual discipline foremost. The physical aspect of yoga is called 'asana' which is a Sanskrit word that pertains to the practice of poses or postures.

Get sporty and get social - try social sports

If the thought of racking up the kilometres on a treadmill or bike in the gym bores you to tears, or if the last thing you want when exercising is to be left to your own thoughts while you sweat it out, then solitary exercise may not be for you.

Curing cancer: why hasn't it happened yet?

In 1971, American President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act declaring that this was a "...national commitment for the conquest of cancer - to attempt to find a cure". Some might ask what is the relevance given we are in Australia, thousands of kilometres away from the United States?

Is there such a thing as too much exercise?

Most of us don't exercise enough. We need at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days of the week to maintain good health. Regular exercise can aid in weight maintenance or weight loss, reduce stress, improve the immune system and help give you a good night's sleep.

Reading the label

For me, reading food labels is a matter of life or death. You see, I have a nut allergy and have had enough close scares to know that it is something I have to be vigilant with - always. For you, reading food labels doesn't have to be so dramatic!

Conquering The Fear of Death

"The only things certain in life are death and taxes." But even though we know that death is inevitable and we wish that we could live in the tax free haven of Monaco, it doesn't prevent us from fearing it.

To stretch or not to stretch, that is the question

Whether you are exercising for weight loss, to improve health and fitness, to boost energy or just because it makes you feel good, there is one important aspect to make sure you incorporate into your regime - stretching exercises.

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