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Rutgers University Alumni. Iconoclastic pop artist of Millennial teenage dreams and painter of the oceanic soul. I’m the one who’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

Gay, Femme, and Asian: A Mentor's Path and the Power of Being Me

All Asian cultures share the universal value that elders are wise, and must be respected and taken care of. Regardless of ethnicity, we are taught from childhood to respect our elders. We revere those older than us, rather than question them.

20,000 Miles to FACE the World

As much time as we take to fully accept our looks, we spend as much time, if not more, secretly comparing our skin tones, eyes, lips, noses, eyebrows, facial hair, to everyone else, for better or for worse.

The Marginalized Among The Marginalized: Our Trouble With Femme

"You're a firework!" "You were born this way!" "Be your beautiful self and f*** the rest." These vital messages of "staying true" are especially relevant to gay men, yet ironically the only people not allowed to be themselves are "feminine" gay men, those of us living in this community where standards and norms are decided by "regular" or "masculine" gay men.

To Be Gay And Asian: A Love Letter To All Of Us

This is for a younger me, and every kid coming of age gay and Asian. It's upsetting. It's the year 2017 and Asian men are still denied sexual agency, excluded and erased from representations of beauty and masculinity, and pigeonholed into stereotypes and sexual racism.

"How the Muslim Community Reminded Me That Faith Beats Fear"

On Sunday night, at Hudson River Park in New York, over 200 Muslims came together to pray for the victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting. They gathered at Pier 46 for an annual event called to break their Ramadan fast.

The Beauty Industry is Finally Embracing Diversity

A few weeks ago, Maybelline signed their first Asian global brand ambassador. It's a significant step towards a more inclusive modeling industry. It's 2016: diversity should already be woven into every part of our society. But we're not there yet. Some people think "race shouldn't matter"-but it does affect so many people in so many ways, including me.

All the Very Best Things About Having Immigrant Parents

Fun fact: my nationality is American, my ethnicity is Filipino. I am proud to be a first-generation American. It turns out June is Pride Month Immigrant Heritage Month: a.k.a. my month to live it up. Part of that is by honoring my family and their legacy.

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Gene Kaufman: Bland or Business Savvy? Or Both? | Elegran's Real Estate Blog

At first mention, the name Gene Kaufman may stir feelings of indifference or repulsion. He is certainly not the typical "starchitect" by any means, but something about him keeps him well afloat in New York's architectural scene. Glancing through the Kaufman thread on Curbed NY reveals a seemingly popularized disdain for his work, with many titles peppered with shaded criticism.

New York Apartments & Condos for Sale & Rent | Elegran Real Estate
The Upcoming World Trade Center Transportation Hub is Already Iconic | Elegran's Real Estate Blog

In a recent press release, the Port Authority has announced that the World Trade Center Transportation Hub Oculus will officially open the first week of March. Designed by world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, it is set to lighten and transform commute drudgery for the 100,000 commuters who currently take the PATH.

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