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Berlin-based writer and researcher.

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The Atlantic
The Dangers of Reading in Bed

In 18th-century Europe, the practice was considered a menace to life and property, but mostly to morals. An Object Lesson. * * * The link between morality and mortality was reasonable, in part. Neglected candles could set bed-curtains ablaze and in turn risk the loss of life or property.

Sugarhigh by Daily Secret (now Savoteur)
Berlin Wants to Remake Your Plate

A look at four Berlin communities organized around ethical approaches to food and eating.

Sugarhigh by Daily Secret (now Savoteur)
What Does Kottbusser Tor Smell Like?

Snapshot of the Smell Lab, a Berlin community of scientists, artists, students and other nose enthusiasts devoted to "olfactory experiments."

n+1 Research Collective [internal publication]
Housework Today

Part of a collaborative project exploring the legacy of second-wave feminism.

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