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Nicole Gnazdowsky

Content writer & copy editor

Location icon Canada

Based in Halifax, N.S.

Former journalist and reporter transitioned to freelance writer, taking on projects from long-form content and advertorials to copy editing.



News articles
Lord and ladies of the dance celebrate birthday in Nova Scotia | Toronto Star

HALIFAX-Haligonians proved no amount of fog could dampen their spirits Saturday, as thousands came out to the Halifax Common, in the heart of the city, to take part in Canada 150 celebrations. The sea of people gathered for Fuse Festival may have been dotted with umbrellas and rain ponchos, but smiles peered from underneath as the crowd danced along to performers on stage.

The Signal
The history of Halifax emerges from below

Building foundations and artifacts have been buried beneath the city since the 18th century Demolition at a new construction site downtown has revealed pieces of old wharves and waterfront businesses from the 1770s. Stephen Davis is an archeological consultant at Davis McIntyre and Associates Ltd.
Mr. Green Thumb: Immigrant showcases gardening talents at urban farm in Halifax | Metro Halifax

Amber Bhujel set an ambitious goal for himself last August as he planted his garden - to keep things growing throughout the winter. Despite the enviable levels of snow he would face, and having never grown in such conditions before, Bhujel, through years of experience of trial and error with agriculture, was confident with the right care, his plot at the Common Roots Urban Farm in Halifax would provide him with fresh food year around.
Halifax-area brewery in a grocery store the first of its kind | Metro Halifax

A new micro-brewery in Elmsdale has found a way to differentiate itself amidst one of the alcohol market's most popular growing trends -- making it the first of its kind. Chill Street Fresh Beer and Cider Market is the first micro-brewery to open its doors within a supermarket in Nova Scotia, said the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC).
The root of the problem: Halifax group launches token exchange for leftover restaurant food |...

Food waste and food insecurity are two huge problems faced in Nova Scotia, but yet, the two problems could solve each other. Square Roots, a Halifax-based organization, has set out to develop creative solutions to these problems by putting unsold food from restaurants (that would otherwise go in the garbage) on the table of those in need by exchanging a pre-purchased token for a meal.

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