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Nicola Gray

Location icon United Kingdom

Multimedia journalism student at Glasgow Caledonian University.

What Is Going Zero Waste And Is It Really Possible?

Take a quick look at the bin in the corner of your room. What's in it? Mostly plastic, probably - packaging from everything you've bought over the last week, from wrapped up vegetables to cosmetic products and soap. Imagine how much you've thrown away over the last month, and the last year.

What Happened To The #MeToo Movement?

One year ago today, The New York Times published its article about movie producer Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault and sexual harassment, something that had been going on for years. When, after the article's publication, actress Alyssa Milano tweeted arguably the most important 'Me Too' tweet asking women on Twitter to use #MeToo if they had experienced a similar kind of abuse, it seemed like the world was beginning to shift.

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10 of London's must-visit activity-based bars

If you find yourself getting a bit restless on a night out, these bars are the perfect places to keep you active - while still making sure you've got your favourite drink on hand.

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Everything You Need To Know About Sexual Health Week 2018

Sexual Health Week 2018, the annual campaign led by the Family Planning Association (FPA), has its focus on consent. The week's aim is to keep people informed and give them the knowledge they need, but what actually is sexual health week and what does it mean for us?

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10 Amazing Food Places In Glasgow

From indulgent, chocolate-topped waffles to traditional British scones or delicious pasta dishes, there are plenty of food places in Glasgow to get your foodie fix. We've put together a list of ten of the best cafés, restaurants and takeaways in the city - whether you're looking to treat yourself, or you simply want to add a little flavour to your Instagram feed.

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