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Writer focused on feminism, politics, pop culture, travel, and lifestyle.

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Nian Hu is a journalist and freelance writer. As a journalist, she specializes in analyzing politics and pop culture through a feminist lens. She has three years of experience writing a widely-read and widely-discussed column "Femme Fatale" in The Harvard Crimson, which reached up to 75,745 online readers. Her articles have been widely shared on social media, garnering hundreds of likes and dozens of shares. Her articles have also been cited in various publications—including NextShark, Women's Agenda, and The Brockport Stylus—as well as in two books.

Currently, she is a freelance writer for Offers Temple, an edtech startup, and We Stand Up, a progressive nonprofit organization. She also founded and writes for Femme Fatale, an website that publishes content about society, popular culture, travel, and lifestyle.





The Harvard Crimson
Femme Fatale | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson

The reason for his indiscretion is simple. He knew that his behavior would be tolerated. And up until very recently, he was right-he would sexually harass and assault women, and suffer absolutely no consequences. Matt Damon knew. Ben Affleck knew. Brad Pitt knew. Quentin Tarantino knew. Seth MacFarlane knew.


Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale -

Nian Hu is a journalist and freelance writer with a focus in feminism and progressive politics. She specializes in analyzing political, social, and cultural trends through the lenses of gender and race. She has three years of experience writing a widely-read and widely-discussed ... Read more about about

Her Campus
The Case in Favor of Netflix and Chill

"Netflix and Chill" has become infamous. A seemingly innocuous request, "Netflix and chill?" is a euphemism for a casual hookup. Two people get together, usually in a dark dorm room at a late hour of the night, turn on Netflix, and slowly ease their way into sex.

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