Chau Nguyen


Location icon Australia

A Melbourne-based fashion writer and communications individual, a self-proclaimed cat lady and food connoisseur.

At her senior prom, Chau was voted most likely to become famous in the future; she continues to work towards that goal though the critical discussion in a variety of social and political themes.

Femininity Magazine
Femininity Magazine

What does it take to become a model? How long does it take to become a successful supermodel? What are the immediate risks with stepping into such an ever-changing and uncertain industry, that could either make or break their careers?

Outlet Mag
One Step at a Time for Diversity

It seems like the industry is slowly starting to progress with the understanding of the term diversity, and this week alone can perhaps be marked a pivotal moment for fashion as a starting point with Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana redeeming themselves.

Outlet Mag
In the world of Rei Kawakubo

The visionary and god of everything different in the industry, Rei Kawakubo has been chosen as the 2017 Met Gala's theme. Come 2017, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will see to host the next Met Exhibition based on the theme of Rei Kawakubo, the founder and designer of beloved Japanese house, Comme des Garçons.

Outlet Mag
We Need to Talk about Orientalism

Following the days of the annual Victoria's Secret (VS) fashion show held in Paris on the 30 th of November, pictures surfaced that caught the attention of far and few.

UK Introduces Gender-Neutral Uniforms for a Powerful Reason - CrowdInk

In the last few months, schools across the UK began adopting gender-neutral uniform policies, as part of a new Government-funded incentive called Educate & Celebrate, to reduce gender discrimination and to promote gender equality among the young generation during one of the most vulnerable and valuable stages of their life.

Global Voices
Achieving SDG 5: Empowering Women for a Sustainable Future in the Textiles Industry

Women are integral to the economic, social and environmental progress of developing countries and the future of the world. However many face huge disadvantages due to gender inequality and social marginalisation. Nowhere are these problems more readily apparent than in the textiles industry. Women in textiles manufacturing are excluded from many opportunities which could potentially improve their well-being and livelihoods. Gender equality is a United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal...