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Ng Shen Lee

Content and Copywriter

Location icon Malaysia

"Your story, told the way people want to hear it."

Shen is a freelance content and copywriter based in Malaysia.
Versatile and adaptable, her works cover:

- SEO-optimized guides and articles (Business, Finance, Travel, Property & More)
- Website copywriting
- Social media advertisement copy
- Newsletters
- Corporate, marketing and advertising collateral
- Resumes, cover letters and personal statements.
- Editing and proofreading

From 80 article reads to 1500+, and 10 Facebook shares to 400 -
Get in touch for content that works | [email protected]

13 Perfect Side Hustles for Millennial Moms in 2020

It’s a wonderful time to be a mom. The ability to work online from home means financials, family and flexibility can all come together. In fact, stay at home parents make up an estimated 16% of the gig economy. So don’t feel constrained by the walls of your home, and pursue the side hustle that you think is right for you.

Curlec | Direct Debit made easy
Instalments For All, Even Non-Credit Card Holders?

At the core of a FinTech revolution with Curlec: The founders behind this FinTech collaboration are Lim Kah Hoe, CEO of DokkuPay and Zac Liew, CEO of Curlec. Both these startups are among many FinTech companies who are playing a pivotal role in moving Malaysia to a cashless society step-by-step. One making the possibility of paying via instalments a reality for everyone, the other simplifying recurring payments for businesses in a seamless manner.

Malaysians Speak Out On Water Prices: "Increase Only La, They So Rich!"

It’s been just over a week since newly re-appointed Malaysian PM Tun Dr Mahathir said it was “manifestly ridiculous” to continue selling raw water to Singapore at the low price of 3 cents per 1000 gallons, and that he’s looking to review the 1962 bilateral agreement. Now, following yesterday’s report that the Johor Chief Minister suggested raising the price of water by as much as 16 times, there’s been an uproar in the Singaporean community calling for blood (or water).

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