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My name is Natalie Spears, and I recently graduated from Bucknell University with a major in Political Science and a minor in English. I have gained extensive experience in journalism, as I was a Features Content Editor for my school newspaper, The Bucknellian, for three years. I wrote and edited weekly articles on a wide variety of topics including campus events, student well-being, and sports. In the summer of 2017, I interned for 60 Minutes, where I assisted senior and associate producers with their research for upcoming stories. Some topics I researched were cancer therapy, the opioid criss, and changes in the U.S. education system. I also enjoy writing both non-fiction and fiction in my free time.


Published Articles

The Bucknellian
If you snooze,

The end of the academic year marks an extremely busy time for most college students struggling with academics, clubs, and social obligations. As a result, students have to prioritize their time, often putting sleep at the very bottom of their "to-do" list. Many students view sufficient sleep as a privilege rather than a requirement in their...

The Bucknellian
Art in bars: The methods of pairing fine art and fine drink

People don't often associate beer with art, but for the local and University communities, this pairing provides an appreciative and social outlet for fine art and fine beer. The Art in Bars series hosted by Samek Art Museum has held events in the past few years for individuals to sample beers and pair them with rarely-seen works of art from...

The Bucknellian
Cyber security threats: Just a click away

In the modern world, we back up every piece of personal information onto our phones and computers. Every daily function we perform can now be done on an electronic device, which is convenient but dangerous from a security perspective. With apps like Venmo and Apple Pay, so much of our financial information is just a click...

The Bucknellian
An upset for the ages

In one of the biggest election upsets in modern American history, Donald Trump was elected 45th President of the United States. While the presidential race was closer than most pollsters and pundits could predict, the Electoral College map quickly became damning evidence for an unprecedented Trump victory across the Rust Belt states, North Carolina, and Florida,...

The Bucknellian
Pride for all: GSA hosts a colorful Pride Weekend

The Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) hosted its very first Pride Weekend on April 1-3. With parades, panels, and parties, the weekend was a major success and promoted the celebration and awareness of the LGBTQ+ community. Multiple organizations across campus co-sponsored the event and shared their support, including Bucknell Student Government (BSG), the Office of LGBTQ Resources, and SpeakUP.

The Bucknellian
Ghost busting: A critical look at paranormal phenomena

Ghosts and hauntings are two of the most enigmatic and unfathomable concepts in the world. There's no way of knowing whether a paranormal experience is real, or where it's coming from, yet many people have stories of their personal experiences with the otherworldly - some right here on campus.

The Bucknellian
Environmentally mis-LEED-ing

In an era in which climate change, global warming, and environmental injustice are pushed to the forefront of our political and social lives, the conversation of sustainability inevitably turns back to campus. Worldwide discussions and conferences, like the Paris Climate Change Conference in Nov.

The Bucknellian
The scoop on Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's

Everybody recognizes the pints of homemade ice cream with unique flavors and chunks and swirls of cookies and candies, but not everyone recognizes the faces of the two men behind the name, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. After opening up their first scoop shop in 1978, the pair have enjoyed enormous commercial and philanthropic success.

The Bucknellian
Survivors & supporters come together

Domestic violence and sexual assault are harrowing issues that affect lives across the world, including the lives of individuals here on the University's campus. Frequently, these subjects are often avoided or unaddressed due to individuals' apprehension to share their personal experiences. Fortunately, various University organizations provide outlets that increase awareness of and provide support for victims of...

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