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Nehal Aggarwal

Writer & Editor

A native New Yorker, 23-year-old Nehal Aggarwal often finds herself going down many rabbit holes to get to the heart of a story. Most recently, she served as an editorial associate for Aaptiv, where she learned how to turn her passionate for writing into distinctive copy for content marketing. You can reach her at [email protected]


Aaptiv Magazine

The Hidden Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice can be easily found in any health-conscious grocery store. Yet, there is very little research that proves the drink is healthy. We talked to experts to find out whether aloe vera juice is actually safe and beneficial to consume.

7 Lower Back Stretches to Combat Tightness and Pain - Aaptiv

Lower back pain is, unfortunately, very common. Just about everything from bad form in the gym to poor posture to genetics can lead to discomfort in the lower back. One of most common causes of lower back pain is that we simply sit too much.

Your Guide to Safe Pregnancy Ab Workouts

Your core makes up some of the most important muscles in your body-and no, we're not referring to "six-pack abs." We're talking about all the muscles that make up your midsection, including the rectus and transversus abdominis (front wall of the abdomen), quadratus lumborum (lower back muscles), spinal erectors and the obliques-and those are just the major muscle groups!

How Long Should I Really Follow the Keto Diet For? - Aaptiv

The keto diet has gained popularity for its high-fat, low-carb approach to eating. But is it sustainable and safe to follow for a prolonged period of time? We talked to two registered dietitians for their expert opinions on how long to follow the keto diet.

Washingtonian Magazine

Volunteer to Place Wreaths in Arlington National Cemetery This December | Washingtonian

On December 16, volunteers will once again be needed to help in place remembrance wreaths on the gravesites in Arlington National Cemetery. For 26 years, Wreaths Across America, a nonprofit started by Morrill Worcester, has been placing wreaths in Arlington National Cemetery (which has over 400,000 gravesites) to honor our country's heroes.

The Owner of Duck Duck Goose Is Opening an "Affordable" Steakhouse in Bethesda

Steakhouses can bring to mind dimly-lit clubhouses with men in suits downing pricey hunks of beef. Chef Ashish Alfred 's vision is much different. The 31-year-old chef/owner behind Bethesda restaurants named after his late brother, Duck Duck Goose and the Loft at 4935 will open George's Chophouse on November 1.* Unlike other meat joints in the area that cater to expense accounts, Alfred wants to open an "affordable" steakhouse that speaks to his family.

DC Wawa Has Been Open For One Day and It's Already Pure Madness

The line wrapped around the block an hour before opening. Another trendy no-reservations restaurant? Another pop-up with a pop-culture theme and $14 cocktails? Nope. This time it was Wawa, the convenience store. All day, Wawa fans have been swarming the company's first DC location for free coffee and much-hyped subs, ahem, hoagies.

Baltimore Magazine

Baltimore magazine
A Cut Above | Baltimore magazine

As the lights come on in Station North's Motor House art space, a young black man sweeps shavings off a white tile floor. An older gentleman preps a client in his barber's chair as local news plays on the television, featuring scenes from the unrest that occurred in Baltimore in 2015.

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