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Neena Mittal

Freelance Writer

Location icon Singapore

A freelance contributor, who loves to travel and gather snippets of my wanderlust, and contribute articles to the Singapore Newspaper and Travel magazines.

A Feature writer, featuring individuals from all walks-of-life for the Lifestyle magazines. Also, a contributor to food & wellness, relationship, and book review related articles.
I've worked on comic relief illustrations for the Time Out Singapore and the Mariners magazine Singapore.
Some of my selected contributions in various publications are presented below.

Email: [email protected]

The Straits Times
Mesmerising Miyajima

Tranquil Shrines and Temples nestle in the virgin forest on the quaint island in an Inland Sea

Tea Time In Coonoor

A holiday in Nilgiris will give you a chance to see lush tea gardens, experience colonial living and savour delicious food

Escape magazine
Bali By Compass

The true spirit of Bali rests in different regions and one has to navigate around to experience it.

The Finder
Having a Baby in Singapore

This Island nation has world-class facilities and competent care. But with so many considerations from where to give birth and how to pay for it The struggle is real!

IndiaSe magazine
Now You C Them

IndiaSe meets up with three Creative Directors based in Singapore

Women's Weekly magazine
How To Stay Close When Work Takes You Away From Home

Business trips, military's easy to loose some degree of connection when you're constantly travelling. But there are ways to keep family ties strong, as these two women sailors show

IndiaSe magazine
Heaven On Earth

Switzerland - Bollywood's favourite outdoor locale beckons me, again and again