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Neal Taflinger

Freelance writer and editor

Location icon United States

Experienced storyteller with a history in publishing, marketing and the public relations and communications industry. Skilled in audience-specific campaign concepting and strategy, headline writing, digital analytics and social media.



Indianapolis Star
Opinion: Want great cultural amenities like the IMA? Pay for them

Maybe I'm a Philistine, but I think that art should be subject to the same market forces as anything else. $1.44 a week. That's how much the Indianapolis Museum of Art's leadership is asking my family of four to pay for an annual membership.

Meet Borshoff's Boss Ladies | Borshoff Advertising

Jennifer Young Dzwonar, Katherine Coble, Karen Alter, and Jennifer Berry (left to right) traveled different paths to and within Borshoff, and each brings a distinct personality and skillset to the job. But all arrived at the same place: principals, partners, boss ladies, Borshoff owners.

Blog Posts

IndyCar Needs An Alex Hunter

IndyCar is trending up. But it's still a niche sport that has significant work to do to attract new fans, the so-called "casuals" that make up the bulk of any large audience. A common refrain among open-wheel racing enthusiasts is that to capture new, young, casual fans, IndyCar needs a stand-alone video game.

Here's Looking At You

This is me. It's my body, at least. I wasn't planning to have my picture taken today. I don't go out of my way to have it taken. But I was helping a coworker set up lights for that purpose and, well...

7 Easy Things Men Can Do To Create Better Workplaces For Women

We're having a long overdue reckoning with workplace sexual harassment. Since men are primarily the source of this harassment, it's primarily our responsibility to put an end to it. Here are seven easy things men can do today to create better workplaces for women. Don't sexually harass or proposition your colleagues.

How To Create Customer Personas

Worked with subject matter expert to ideate, refine concept, edit copy and oversee production and promotion of eBook.

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