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Nathan Dimoff

Freelance Journalist

Location icon United States

My name is Nathan, I am a 27-year-old single father that works two jobs. I am working on my second degree. My first degree was in computer science, but towards the end of obtaining my degree I decided to change my career choice. I finished out the degree and am now going for my BA in Journalism and Mass Media. My hobbies involve writing about police brutality, technology, and race issues in America.

I spent most my life surrounding myself with technology. My dream career was to work within the National Security Agency, but that dream ended with a quick kick. It ended because of an article I wrote on a possible hack. Since I would not give up my source, law enforcement did everything possible to flip my life upside down. In a way I am glad because it only drove me closer to my new passion. Writing has went from a stress reliever to activism to an activity I crave doing.

Activist’s Attempted Suicide Leads To Domestic Terrorism Charges

Former congressional candidate and activist Jeremy Ryan was indicted for domestic terrorism by a federal Grand Jury in November 2018 after trying to acquire radioactive material online. Ryan and his lawyer claim he intended to use the radioactive material in a suicide.

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