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Nathan Dimoff

Freelance Journalist

Location icon United States

My name is Nathan, I am a 27-year-old father that works two jobs. I am working on my second degree. My first degree was in computer science, but towards the end of obtaining my degree I decided to change my career choice. I finished out the degree and am now going for my BA in Journalism and Mass Media. My hobbies involve writing about police brutality, technology, and race issues in America.

I spent most my life surrounding myself with technology. My dream career was to work within the National Security Agency, but that dream ended with a quick kick. It ended because of an article I wrote on a possible hack. Since I would not give up my source, law enforcement did everything possible to flip my life upside down. In a way I am glad because it only drove me closer to my new passion. Writing has went from a stress reliever to activism to an activity I crave doing.

Dear America: Here Is The Civil Unrest You Missed Around The World

Last year, on December 18, President of the United States Donald Trump, was impeached While America's mainstream media was focused on the Mueller Report and Trump's impeachment nearly all year with around the clock coverage, dozens of countries were out in the streets fighting for their rights and in some

Activist’s Attempted Suicide Leads To Domestic Terrorism Charges

Former congressional candidate and activist Jeremy Ryan was indicted for domestic terrorism by a federal Grand Jury in November 2018 after trying to acquire radioactive material online. Ryan and his lawyer claim he intended to use the radioactive material in a suicide.

Justin Moser Celebrates Diversity by Posting Blackface Video

Justin Moser, who comes from a Christian upbringing, uploaded a video with his face colored Black, comparing Blackface to gender identity White actors would use black paint on their faces when depicting plantation slaves to dehumanize them Justin Moser believes it is okay to paint your face as long as you are "coming from the right place" This week Justin Moser took to Facebook and posted a video claiming that he was celebrating diversity by painting his face Black.

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