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Nicole Doucette

Science Content Creator

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I'm a content creator who loves to tell stories about science, especially ones that have significant societal and ethical implications. As a former mineral engineer, I am particularly keen to explore ideas and research in the earth sciences.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or opportunities you may have, or if you'd like to see more samples of my work.



Looking Into Ice: Understanding Antarctica's Glaciers

Jamin is an explorer at heart. For nearly 15 years, he was focused on space exploration through his work as an aerospace engineer. But in the last 12 years he's turned his attention closer to home - and has been conducting geophysical research on Earth's coldest continent, Antarctica.

How the Australian Mining Industry is Protecting Ancient Underground Organisms

Millions of years ago, Australia was part of Gondwana - a supercontinent that was covered in lush rainforests. Small organisms existed in leaf litter communities on the forest floor, eating and breaking down the dead plant material that fell there. After the breakup of Gondwana, Australia’s climate became drier, forcing these native rainforest organisms to adapt and live underground. They became colourless and blind, and if you walk around Western Australia today, these ancient species are...

Strength Through Diversity: Meet the Women in Geothermal

In recent years the business case for diversity has grown. It’s now well known that there’s a strong link between high diversity and company financial outperformance. But there are other business benefits too.

Digging for Answers: Making Data More Reliable for Geochemists

Eighteen years ago in a hot backyard in Rio, Brazil, Evelyn Frères was crouched down in the grass, feverishly digging through the lawn with her hands. As the dirt piled up beside her, she felt her fingers hit something hard. As she started uncovering the solid surface, she saw one toe print emerge, then two, then four. She’d finally found what she was looking for.

Could Lithium Mining be Cornwall's New Frontier?

Jeremy Wrathall’s exploration company started with a quick Google search. “A friend of mine had mentioned geothermal fluids were a big problem for the historic miners in Cornwall,” Jeremy said. These fluids would flow into the mines and have to be pumped out.

Interview with Women in Geothermal's First Visibility Scholarship Winner

On the island of Mindanao, Mount Apo towers above the clouds. At 2,954 m above sea level, its rugged volcanic peak is the highest summit in the Philippines. It’s a few days hike to the top, via a trail that meanders through tropical hard-wood forests and grasslands, crystal-clear lakes and smoking solfataras. Rocelle Mendoza found herself at the summit of Mt. Apo, just over a year after starting her geophysics role at Energy Development Corporation (EDC) of the Philippines.

The Open Mining Format

You're a geologist at a mining company, and you've just finished updating your company's geological model with new drilling results. You now need to pass this model to the mining engineers, so they can redesign a section of the mine.


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