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Vancouver-based journalist with eight years of experience writing news and feature stories on a range of topics including art, food and travel to mention a few.

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The Hindu
A world beyond Carnatic

The whiff of Margazhi is in the air, with sabhas around the city prepping for a marathon of performances. Artistes have their schedules sorted, and NRIs, their tickets.

The Hindu
My experience, your expense

July 20: Rohith Subramanian rides around Singapore on his Bullet. July 23: He is on a ship to Indonesia. July 29: He stands before the Kawah Ijen active volcano, staring into the blue fire. Even as I type this, he is probably surfing in Bali.

The Hindu
Your guide to investing in art

As much as one would like to believe that art is bought from the heart, a majority of buyers, over 70 per cent, see it as 'passion with an investment value'. According to a recent survey published in The 2016 Art & Finance Report (by Deloitte Luxembourg and ArtTactic), there has been an increase in art collectors' concerns about the potential return on investment when buying art.

The Hindu
Ready to bounce back?

Nivya Manikandan, 29, an employee at an MNC in Texas, U.S., has a toddler to care for, but is worried about taking a mid-career sabbatical. What if she does not get a job again? This is a concern thousands of other women share.

The Hindu
Home is where the class is

When Janaky Venunathan, a wellness consultant, decided to come back to India after a decade-long stay in Australia, little did she foresee that school admission for her teenager would be a problem. "We had some bitter experiences.

The Hindu
More than just a penny for your thoughts

Today, a tweet can fetch you Rs. 2,000. A blog, even more. Courtesy, a relatively young concept called influencer marketing that Indian brands are sinking their teeth into. Being an 'influencer' is not so different from being a regular blogger, tweeter, Instagrammer or Snapchatter.

The Hindu
A brush with luxury

Let's spend the evening at an art gallery? To be honest, the idea doesn't excite many people. The word 'gallery', they say, evokes images of silent corridors, jargon and abstract discussions. Sometimes, it even conjures up images that are gory, like The Vitruvian Man in a pool of blood, thanks to Dan Brown's choice of the Louvre for his crime thriller.

The Hindu
Plantings on the wall

Just a few days ago, a photo of Bengaluru's new vertical garden with 3,500 plants on the Electronics City Flyover consumed the Internet. But not many know that the installations, which look like massive mossy walls, have mushroomed in several places in Chennai in the last five to six years - at the café in Grand Chennai by GRT, inside ITC Grand Chola, Chennai Airport, with the most recent being Mylapore Railway Station.

The Hindu
Homes that breathe

It's inside the modest 'Potter's House' in DakshinaChitra museum that I am introduced to the newest hot topic in architecture. 'Sustainable living' is a term being thrown around in top discussion platforms such as the World Economic Forum, UN Habitat, and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, even forcing one of the premier institutes in India - IIT Kharagpur - to introduce a course on vaastu shastra that integrates architecture and Nature.

The Hindu
Will travel for art

Travel and a change of place impart vigour to the mind. We second Seneca, and so do a majority of art communities. A tryst with adventure or an opportunity to interact with strangers from diverse fields can trigger your creative side.