Nathaniel Rachman

Editor-in-Chief, The Oxford Student

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I'm Nat, a third year History student at the University of Oxford. I've spent much of time outside of studying for my degree involved in student journalism. Specifically, I served as Editor-in-Chief at The Oxford Student, having previously served as Screen and Comment Editor. During my tenure, the paper was shortlisted for the best student publication in the country. Our stories ranged from exposés of exclusive drinking societies, to reports on stealth fee rises. Apart from commissioning, editing and formatting articles for weekly publication, I have also authored many of my own pieces, ranging from features on pioneering female professors at Oxford to interviews with Hong Kong dissidents. I'm now eager to get more writing experience of any sort.

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'The Pitchfork Disney' - Dark and Memorable Madness - The Oxford Student

As a film-fanatic I've always regarded theatre as something of a weird uncle - the 'acting' with a big A never seemed as nuanced, typically inspiring in me an almost irrepressible urge to laugh as the silly men shouted their overwrought emotion into the audience and paced manically up and down the stage in that ...

The Oxford Student
The woman who took Oxford by storm - The Oxford Student

Oxford University's Local Delegacy exams, first set for school-leavers in 1857, had more riding on them than simply grades: the top candidate would also be offered an exhibition scholarship to the university itself, either at Balliol or Worcester College. On calculating the results for the papers of 1873, there was no doubt as to who ...

The Oxford Student
Review: Scott Cooper's Hostiles - The Oxford Student

Hostiles, director Scott Cooper's fourth film, starts brutally and continues in that vein. It begins as the camera advances towards a simple wooden house and the pioneers within break off their daily proceedings as a band of Comanche warriors is revealed. A husband desperately tries to pick them off with his rifle until he is ...

Cold War 2.0

By Nat Rachman There is a new Cold War brewing. Its parameters are different, its urgency, for now, less pressing, but its emergence remains unmistakable. In his 1992 State of the Union speech, George H W Bush heralded his country in the face of the Soviet Union's collapse, as 'the undisputed leader of its age'.

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