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I am a current final year media production student at Coventry University and a writer/blogger.

I have my own site, Films and Things, where I write film reviews, articles and interviews. I have also written for various other websites in the entertainment sections including Screen Robot, Planet Ivy and The Metropolist.

Udine FEFF 15: Interview with Director Lee Won-suk

On the last day of the Udine Far East Film Festival , CUEAFS members Hannah Albone and Natasha Harmer interviewed Lee Won-suk, director of the hilarious comedy 'How to Use Guys with Secret Tips' (South Korea, 2013). Hannah Albone: Are you pleased with the reception of the audience to your film here at the festival?

'Dragon' (Hong Kong, 2011) Film Review

Directed by Peter Chan Action/Drama, 115′ 'Dragon' is an entertaining and exhilarating old school martial arts thriller that utilises everything expected from the genre while managing to offer a satisfying and contemporary twist on affairs. A detective is investigating a village paper-maker suspected of being a renegade mass murderer, when he eventually learns that humanity is sometimes more important than the law.

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Should young girls be trying harder not to get raped?

A human rights lawyer has called for the age of consent to be lowered to 13; not because teenagers are mature enough at that age to have sex, but because she thinks that old men accused of sexually abusing underage girls (or boys for that matter!) should be protected.

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Stop the Saw franchise, I want to get off - Screen Robot

As Lions Gate announces plans for Saw 8, a brief word from our horror expert on why it's a very bad idea. Film fans will be disappointed to hear that the eighth instalment of the Saw franchise is currently under construction.

Films and Things
The Judge; Death, Divorce and Dementia

A big city lawyer returns to his childhood home after the death of his mother only to become embroiled in a murder case against his father, the town's judge. The Judge is a heartwarming but slightly long winded drama about a man reconnecting with his estranged family after twenty years.

Films and Things

What's bigger than a giant mythological snake that lives underwater? The colossal feeling of disappointment that this film brings. If you came looking for awesome Viking action then look elsewhere, the Ragnarok DVD cover lies. The ancient and modern worlds both collide when an archeologist uncovers the true meaning of the secret runes discovered in the Oseberg...

Films and Things
American Sniper

If 132 minutes of Bradley Cooper looking moody sounds like your idea of a fun night in, then American Sniper might just be the film for you. Based on a true story, American Sniper is about Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle who's pinpoint accuracy earns him the nickname 'legend' on the battlefield.

Films and Things
10 Must-Watch Postmodern Movies

I love postmodernism although I don't really know why. I love films that are self aware, satirical and cleverly critical of their own medium in particular. So here are ten must-watch postmodern movies (in my opinion). You can also read by 5 must watch postmodern TV shows here if you so wish!

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