Natasha Colyer

Editor, Writer, Photographer

Location icon United Kingdom

I am an editor and producer with over six years of experience in digital fashion and lifestyle writing and publications.

From full and feature length articles to catalog and website descriptions I write about a whole plethora of topics. Whilst my main focus is fashion I also have extensive experience in food, travel, fitness, beauty and interiors.

Over my career I have so far I have contributed to and written for a whole host of publications and sites, including (but not limited to) ASOS, Vogue, The Huffington Post, Time Out, XYZ Magazine, TAG, My Chic City and Flush the Fashion.

I am trained in software including Photoshop, Adobe Muse and InDesign and all the Microsoft programmes such as powerpoint, excel and word. I have also been trained to use various social media platforms to their full potential, having much experience in social media. I have basic knowledge of html and coding, as well as skills in a number of CMS systems.

I am an adventurous and inquisitive person, who loves learning new skills and meeting new people. I have an enthusiasm for discovering new information whilst exploring my passion for journalism, media, marketing and events.

Email me for more examples of work - [email protected]

The Huffington Post
Social Media - The Quality vs Quantity Debate

Social Media is becoming an ever prevalent figure in today's society- numbers of followers, likes, retweets and shares far outnumbering any other measure of popularity. But the credibility of this is something which is to be debated.

Seen in The City - Fashion Lifestyle Magazine
Julien Macdonald SS17 Show Review

The esteemed designer returned to the catwalk with a myriad of super sexy eveningwear, bringing model-of-the-moment Hailey Baldwin to open and close the show in some dazzling tasselled creations. We headed backstage before Julien Macdonald's show and spotted many of the models satisfying a sweet-craving with new Nākd Posh Bits either the cocoa and raspberry, the cocoa and sea salt or the cocoa and mandarin treats.

Seen in The City - Fashion Lifestyle Magazine
House of Holland Reveals New Collection

House of Holland has finally lifted the lid on their Resort 17 Collection... Taking inspiration from the Cholombiano's from the Mexican city of Monterray, House of Holland Resort 17 collection reflects the tiny urban subculture. Known for their iconic hairstyles, love for Columbian music and their distinctive sartorial style, it was a perfect blend for Holland's [...]

Seen in The City - Fashion Lifestyle Magazine
H&M launches bridal range

We say a big 'I do' for H&M's new Bridal Collection... H&M is one of those infalliable shops that holds a stead similar to that of your favourite little black dress. No matter the occassion, time or place, it will always step up to the plate a...

Seen in the City
Rise of the Polo Neck

Looking back on 2015, one of the most symbolic styles of the year has to be the polo neck- and it's not going anywhere fast. Infiltrating libraries, cafes and pubs in their dozens and oozing understated elegance, the versatility and timeless connotations associated with polo necks have seen them flying off the shelves...

Pretty Green - Autumn Winter collection | Flush the Fashion

Pretty Green's Autumn Winter collection has just arrived and the popular menswear brand, which marries together contemporary attire with a retro aesthetic has partnered with Isle of White Scooter Club and director Charlie Lightening to create an impressionable short fashion film to go with the collection.

House of Florrie

If you're on the lookout for a bit of wrist candy that is a little bit different, watch out for the eclectic, shabby-chic new brand House of Florrie. Coupling beautiful design with intricate hand-finished detailing, these pretty timepieces are ideal for work or play...

The Huffington Post UK
Unpaid Internships: The Other Side

Unpaid internships have brought forth a plethora of heated debates over the past few years- cries of 'it's unfair' 'it's slave labour' have been at the forefront of discussion both within the media and within personal discussion.

The Huffington Post UK
My Name Is Natasha, I am 21 Years Old, and I, am a Technoaddict

My name is Natasha, I am 21 years old, and I, am a technoaddict. And a full-on addicted one at that. When I wake up in the morning, I dopily switch off my alarm, and through sleep-encrusted, bleary eyes, I survey the familiar red notifications of my facebook feed and gleefully observe the Instagram likes my page has racked up overnight.

Fashion: The Man From U.N.C.L.E meets Hawes & Curtis

Sometimes it's out with the new and in with the old- particularly in the case of Hawes & Curtis new collection. The stylish brand has partnered with Warner Bros for a unique collaboration to promote The Man From U.N.C.L.E- a movie described as this years most fashionable flick.

Chris Dyson Spitalfields architect London

AT HOME CHRIS DYSON Chris Dyson, one of London's most fabulous architects, let us have a look at his wonderful collections and his Spitalfields house.... By Natasha Colyer Stepping onto the threshold of Chris Dyson's house in Spitalfields, I was both amazed at just how fabulous it truly was, and also silently wondering if he would fancy sprinkling some of his architectural magic over my own home.

Innu News: Innu Shoot with Seen in the City

Hi there, my name is Natasha Colyer and I am Innu's Guest blogger. I am the editor of Seen in the City, an online fashion and lifestyle magazine which is to launch at the end of the month. (Check us out on Facebook here

Ben Johnson artist London

MY SPACE BEN JOHNSON Ben Johnson, a London based artist, who has exhibited at the National Gallery, the V&A and the British Museum, talks of his work, his family and how he would love to fly...

The Huffington Post UK
Why Not Going to University Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

If I could offer someone on the cusp of their twenties any advice, I would say don't just go with a generic life plan because it 'looks right' or because it's 'what everyone else is doing.' Take time to think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there...

The Huffington Post UK
Working From Home - My Top Tips

From an outsider looking in, those who work from home seemingly have it all- the amount of times people have said to me "Working from home? You must love it! You can sit in your pyjamas without a scrap of makeup on and work whilst snacking all day!"

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