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O'Connor Insurance Associates

At ISU O'Connor Insurance Associates we are in the business of answering questions and finding applicable solutions for optimum results. If you have an insurance policy question, a quote question, or are confused about what your question may even be, we want to do our best to answer that for you.

Where Your Branding Agency Can't Be: E-mail Etiquette and Its Importance

The first thing we are taught in school, apart from proper hand washing, is proper grammar. It follows us throughout our entire curriculum; that red ink that riddles essays also riddles our nightmares. Grammar was something we knew we had to keep up with, something that meant we were paying attention and that we were aiming for directness in our words and ideas. Blog
R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Freelance Your Skill, Not Your Sanity

Regardless of where you are in your writing career, freelance copywriting is a great way to gain attribution, build your portfolio and, yes, pay some bills. Unfortunately, many businesses are wise to the knowledge that in this day and age good writers can be obtained for very little.

Take That Job, And Learn From It

We live in a culture where millennial ideals are often in opposition to an unstable economy. Most journalism grads understand that the months following graduation will no doubt seem like a never-ending parade of tedious positions and unethical contracts. We may reel and we may rally but the low-paying, menial tasks eventually take their toll on formerly gleeful alumni.

The Casserole
Naomi Joe'l Glover Evans

I've never taken drugs, but I have eloped. Through conversations I've had with reformed addicts and continuing users, I get the feeling that the dramatic highs and lows are similar. When you say, "okay", to your current ex, who is kneeling in front of you and asking you to marry them, you feel an infinite rush of time suspension.

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