Nan McKernon (former pseudonym: Elizabeth Richardson Rau )

Writer and Writing Professor

Location icon United States of America

A writer and writing professor specializing in creative nonfiction essays as well as nonprofit grant writing, and profile writing.

I am a good fit for you if: you want to make a solid connection with your readers in a relatable and profound way, you prefer skilled wordsmithing and appreciate a strong voice conveying raw and relatable content.

Brain, Child
Perfectly Imperfect

By Elizabeth Richardson Rau Best friends often don't come in the prettiest packages. The true friends I have made are like me, willing to show dents, battle wounds and flaws. In 2011 my world imploded when I left my husband. The decision was the right one; the fallout nothing short of apocalyptic.

Brain, Child
Be Instead of Brag

By Elizabeth Richardson Rau I was stopped at a red light recently and pondered the stick figure family affixed to the back window of the minivan in front of me: one soccer player, a lacrosse player and a couple of cheerleaders.

Brain, Child
The Other Way Around

By Elizabeth Richardson Rau I am the mother of the kid you are probably afraid of. The one that you heard other kids used to buy pot from. Yours bought from him, too, yet you refuse to admit that, and I understand why. Pretend hope is much easier than unpleasant reality.

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