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Mya Stark

Journalist, Copywriter, and Copy Editor

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Mya Stark started out as a filmmaker, writing screenplays for studios like Disney, Warner Bros, and Paramount. She wrote for and became editor-in-chief of MEAN Magazine, a print lifestyle and entertainment magazine with a circulation of 150,000. Her online career has included journalism for outlets like Cool Hunting, as well as branded content, product descriptions, social copy and copy editing for clients in the furniture design, specialty coffee and wine industries.

Deedee Cheriel: Episodes in the Abundant Oasis - COOL HUNTING

by Mya Stark Gods, monsters or something more enigmatically human, the animal-headed figures of artist Deedee Cheriel are set to grace LA's Merry Karnowsky Gallery this weekend. In the new show, called "Episodes in the Abundant Oasis," Cheriel's paintings will share the space with work by Mel Kadel and Femke Hiemstra.

Peddler's Creamery - COOL HUNTING

by Mya Stark Imagine ice cream and bicycles-two childhood icons of summer-combined in a new business model with very serious goals. That's what's going on at Peddler's Creamery, a new sweets haven in Downtown Los Angeles where a purpose-built contraption converts bicycle power into artisan, organic frozen treats for dairy lovers and vegans.

The Best Things to Do In Los Angeles: 1001 Ideas - COOL HUNTING

by Mya Stark At first glance, one might feel that "The Best Things To Do in Los Angeles: 1001 Ideas" has three strikes against it. It's a book rather than a blog or an app; it's about LA, a city which still hasn't quite shaken Woody Allen's iconically unfavorable comparison to the culture level of...

Studio Visit: Silas Hite - COOL HUNTING

by Mya Stark Minds that are equally as agile in the realms of art and music are rare, but not unheard of. While most of the examples are musicians who dabble in visual art, there's the odd one like Tony Bennett whose paintings are in the collection of the Smithsonian Institute, or the distinctive bands...

Interview: Joseph Altuzarra - COOL HUNTING

by Mya Stark Like a modern-day fashion Midas, everything Joseph Altuzarra touches seems to turn to sleekness and sophistication. He launched his eponymous luxury ready-to-wear brand, in 2008 when he was a mere slip of a Chinese-American, French-Basque, Paris-raised lad (he's now 30 years old) and it quickly skyrocketed to several awards and critical acclaim....

The Love is in the Lid: FoamAroma® and the To-Go Experience

One of the lesser-discussed, yet vitally important, areas of the science of providing coffee doesn't have anything to do with sequencing the genome, the chemistry of chlorogenic acids, or even the thermodynamics of brewing. Where the rubber really hits the road in terms of determining success in the industry is a much softer science: the psychology of our consumers' satisfaction.

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