Drew Muldowney

Senior Copywriter, Communications Professional

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You will use a degree in English literature and historical linguistics every single day in business, provided you actually understand what you were taught.

I've written speeches, crisis response, press releases, blogs, eBooks, white papers, editorials, technical guides, brochures, fiction, scripts, tweets, Google ads, print ads, and more.

I've written these for tech, education, the service industry, gaming companies, artists, and politicians.

I'm yet to encounter a goal I can't reach or a problem that I can't solve by patiently and ethically providing context and guidance with strategically deployed copy. Speaking frankly, as I encounter new challenges I find only new excitement.

It's a great time to be a writer.



Trinity School of Medicine Blog
The 2020 Accreditation and Match Merge: DO, MD, and Good News for Trinity Grads.

For-profit DO programs in the United States have been eating the lunch of Caribbean schools because while they suffer the same challenges international graduates face, they lack the consideration-stigma associated with going abroad. With the coming death knell of that competitive advantage through regulatory changes like this, I was tasked to capitalize once again on delivering well researched, honest content addressing the issue head on with transparency and enthusiasm.

Trinity School of Medicine Blog
Your Medical School Doesn't Matter. (Until It's the only thing that matters).

This post was composed to strike a delicate balance between de-emphasizing the stigma against Caribbean medical schools while also undoing some of the pervasive myths created by our more established competitors, and, as always, generating appeal. It holds the particular distinction of being the subject of a conversation on Reddit's pre-medical subreddit, in which my life was threatened because I worked at a Caribbean school, but there was still begrudging acknowledgement that I was both,...

Ingenious Med
Everyone Sells - Ingenious Med

At Ingenious Med, I was the "everything writer." Part of everything included ghostwriting CEO Hart Williford's blog. We'd schedule blocks of time where I'd sit in his office and he'd talk and I'd take extensive notes. (He'd occasionally stop to laugh, because I would maintain eye contact while typing at 140 words per minute). I'd then craft those sessions into the multi-part series, "Entrepreneur vs. the Implementer" and take the drafts back to him for final sign off before publication.

Branding Guides

Internal Use
Ingenious Med Branding Quick Guide

This informal, humorous document was a sort of cheat sheet with new branding guidelines to help drive internal adoption.

Internal Use
Ingenious Med Style Guide v. 8

This is the 8th version (rebranding is a fun process!) of the branding guidelines I developed for Ingenious Med.

Email Campaign

Internal Use
Acceptance Template

Trinity needed a new acceptance email to accompany the formal notification as an internal nurture to prevent "go dark" applicants.

Couples Match Campaign

This email campaign leveraged an existing blog post about a couples match into a prestigious residency program to drive applicants into the deadline crunch for our September class. 22% open rate, 9.2% CTR, it resulted in a significant bump in class size for the upcoming term.

Spring Recruiting Campaign
Chief Residents Email Campaign

I provided the copy (not the design) for this email campaign launching spring recruiting emphasizing the opportunity and legacy of our program.


Recruiting Collateral
2018 Z-Fold Brochure

This document is available for recruiters to distribute at graduate fairs around the US.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trinity School of Medicine

Trinity lacked an FAQ section when I joined the organization, despite having lots of questions frequently asked. I wrote and built this page to create a resource we could link to, but also to boost organic search with content, and also position some of our more difficult (and occasionally uncomfortable) pain points as strengths or opportunities for us. It is constantly updated.


Ingenious Med sought to redefine where its tool fit in the workflow of hospitals, creating clinical tools that offered financial benefit while avoiding competition with major EMR vendors.

Press Releases

Ingenious Med Releases Mobile Software Update

Most hospitals have subsidized the physician P&L by $40,000-100,000 per physician, per year. Ingenious Med, the nation's largest multispecialty charge capture and physician performance solution, has announced a new update to its impower mobile charge capture software, adding the ability to have a virtual Superbill at the point of care.

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