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Talented, creative, and efficient content copywriter and marketer. Experienced in a variety of industries spanning a bevy of fields. Long term writing contracts for prominent corporations including Apartment Guide, Visit Philadelphia, Rent., Nexxt Jobs, PODS, Eric Alper PR, Spectrio, and more.

Draws from years of full-time, freelance, and agency writing and marketing environs. Comfortable producing B2B, B2C, B2G, creative, data-driven, lifestyle, instructional, and CTA copy, in both professional and conversational styles.

Concentration in copywriting and marketing journalism, with additional skillsets in email & event marketing, advertising & promotions, broadcasting, copyediting, comedy writing, and graphic design.

Seeking an opportunity to join a progressive organization and utilize my unique writing and marketing skills and experience. A desire to help take a creative team the next level. Possesses a broad spectrum of knowledge, able to step into nearly any industry or channel without missing a beat.


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Copywriting and Creative Content Résumé / CV (PDF)

Visit Philly (Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing)
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Author bibliography for Attraction, Museum, Brewery, and Nightlife tourism articles written for Visit Philadelphia.

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Published Article Samples

Save For a House: Tips To Afford Your Down Payment

You can't discuss how to save for a house until you have the funds to make your down payment. It's a challenging time to buy a home. If you've begun looking to buy in the last few months, this comes as no surprise.

Apartment Guide
New York City Average Rent Prices are Skyrocketing

New York, New York, is indeed a wonderful town. But The Bronx isn't the only thing that's up. The Big Apple's infamously high rents plummeted during the heart of the pandemic. At the crisis' height, rents throughout the city dropped nearly a third from the previous (normal) year.

Visit Philadelphia
March 21, 2023
Where to Find the Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Here in Philly, cheesesteaks are more than just a meal: They're civic icons, tourist draws and - let's own it - cultural obsessions. Our mission: Help you find the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, because, while often imitated around the world, the authentic Philly cheesesteak is rarely duplicated successfully outside of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Inquirer
Best Seat In The House

The author lived on top of a sports stadium. It was fantastic. The 76ers' plan to build a stadium downtown sounds like the hub where he lived in Boston. The energy was amazing, and less disruptive than you might think. | see more...

The Best Cities for Pizza in America

It takes more than just a good slice to get on the list as one of the best cities for pizza in the nation, and these 10 pizza meccas fit the bill. Let the controversy begin. Sorry, New York. Better luck next time, Chicago. The numbers don't lie.

Realty Times (via VictoriousPR)
Going Digital: 3 Apps for a Better Real Estate Career

Much about real estate is the same as it was 40 years ago. It’s still a business about real property, customers, and relationships. Back then, no one could have foreseen how digital technology | see more...

Apartment Guide
The Best Cities in America for Beer Lovers

Sure, brewery and brewpub lovers can rattle off some of the best craft beer and brewery cities in America like Austin, Denver and San Diego. But where | see more...

PODS Moving & Storage
The 10 Things You Need To Know About Living in Washington DC

Washington, DC is a city filled with power players turning the wheels of government. Thousands of federal government employees, military personnel, Congressional staffers, K Street lobbyists, foreign diplomats, and of course | see more...

The Best Music for Working from Home

Among the many side effects of physical offices closing during the coronavirus crisis is the massive increase in people working from home. As of this summer, a whopping 42 percent of everyone in the workforce is telecommuting full time.

Nexxt Inc. (formerly beyond.com)
Job Interview with the Vampire

Prepare as best you can to walk out the door and face the world, adjust to challenges as they come at you, and do the best you can. And sometimes, on those worst of days, when you feel you’ve tried your best but failed nonetheless, someone will point at you and say ‘That’s my guy.'" | see more...

Nexxt Inc. (formerly beyond.com)
Being The Change You Wish To See

If your job is making you miserable, don’t stay. Don’t worry about parochial guilt of being happy with what you have because others have it worse. Don’t be satisfied with the less-green grass. Nearly 20 percent of the workforce | see more...

Email Marketing Campaign Samples

Feith Systems Events
Feith Live Seminar Series Marketing Campaign Emails

"DC Live Business Process & Records Management Expo" live educational conference, for which over 500 Records Management, SharePoint, and Information Governance professionals attended in Washington.

Feith Systems Events
Feith Customer Event Marketing Campaign Emails

Feith Systems' customer events including the FACT Annual Conference, Feith Federal Symposium government Intelligence Community customer event, and RMU Live Records Managers live education forum.

Feith Systems Events
Feith Standalone Webinars Marketing Campaign Emails

Registration call-to-action for Feith Systems' highly successful educational and sales webinars for a variety of topics and industries including higher education, pharmaceutical, business process management, and more.

Advertising and Marketing Content Samples