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Zoe Hawkins

Strategic Content Marketing Leader

Location icon United States

Former video game and tech journalist turned content marketer, I've got a passion for content and creating. Goal-driven and focused on the big picture, I love crafting new strategies and implementing them. Whether it's SEM or SEO, analytics or reporting, I'm as comfortable with higher-level marketing requirements as I am with writing social media copy or mapping out email campaigns.

I enjoy being strategic, crafting a brand story, and telling it across a range of channels.

While my Dutch and Afrikaans aren't at the level I'd want to use them in my job, my understanding of international culture is fluent. I live and breathe multicultural relationships, and I feel comfortable relating to people from a variety of backgrounds. Having worked remotely for many years, I'm comfortable in any Slack group and can confidently navigate asynchronous communication across timezones.

Council Post: Dispelling Banking Myths In The Cannabis Industry

For the past five years, I've worked in a business development role in the cannabis space. As a result, I have been fortunate to gain a unique, front-line perspective on what is really happening. One of the most surprising things I've learned in that time is how much misinformation is out there.

Born Geek
Screen Time Isn't Evil - A Defense of Kids' Tablets - Born Geek

Apologies in advance if this ends up sounding like a bit of a rant. I'm just fed up. I'm tired of people sharing crap on social media without thinking. I'm tired of couch researching moms deciding that debunked documentaries about vaccines are right or that the radiation from phones will disrupt your kid's brain development.

mg Magazine - Cannabis News & Information
The Cannabis Payment Predicament: Don't Be a Part of the Problem

Some dispensaries are listed as flower shops or health food stores. A recent example received a lot of media attention because a dispensary was working out of a food truck, claiming to be selling street food instead of cannabis products.

Critical Hit
We could walk on Mars in the next 50 years - Critical Hit

Call of Duty now lets us pew pew in space, and movies like Gravity and Interstellar offer more "scientifically sound" (maybe) visions of space travel. But just how close are we to sending people to Mars, and what are the some of the details going into the research?

Critical Hit
Pyre review - a deep strategy game that lingers long after the credits roll - Critical Hit

Fire in the Belly Supergiant games already has a special place in my heart thanks to their previous titles Bastion and Transistor. While their visual and aural styles were quite similar, gameplay between Bastion and Transistor were very different. This is again the case for Pyre, which feels aesthetically familiar, while taking players into a new gameplay and storytelling style.

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