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Mohsin Salya

Mohsin Salya

Location icon United Kingdom

Increasingly interested in marathon running and the world of fitness, Mohsin Salya wanted to combine this with charity work. Mohsin has ran many marathons raising money for various charities, including 2014 when he returned to the Standard Chartered Marathon, taking on the full marathon.

Mohsin continues to enjoy training for marathons and half marathons, whilst fundraising for major charities. On Mohsin Salya’s blog he shares his journey and thoughts on all things running and fitness.

Mohsin Salya
When is the best time of day to go for a run?

Hi there, and welcome back to the Mohsin Salya blog. If you're just getting into running, remember that even the simplest of factors can affect your performance. The time of day you run, for example, can really impact what you get out of your session, both physically and mentally.

Mohsin Salya
How to Steady Your Nerves Before a Big Race

Hi there, and welcome back to the Mohsin Salya blog. If you're planning to run a marathon, the day of the race can be stressful, especially if you're new to it all. The nerves can ramp up as the start of the race gets closer, so you'll need to find ways to keep them under control.

Mohsin Salya
Focus on the Berlin Marathon | Mohsin Salya

Hi, welcome back to the Mohsin Salya blog. There are some awesome marathons around the world, and if you've not ran one in another country then I highly recommend it. In my new series I'll be focusing on marathons from around the world to give you an idea of what to expect if you're considering trying out a new one.

Mohsin Salya
The Best Winter Running Gear for 2016 | Mohsin Salya

Hi there - welcome back to the Mohsin Salya blog. Now that the days are dull and getting darker, it's harder than ever to take on the weather and go out for that all important run. However, with the right gear, you're more likely to head out into the cold and take on the elements.

Mohsin Salya
How to Become a Mentally Strong Runner - Part 1 | Mohsin Salya

Hi, welcome back to the Mohsin Salya blog where I chat about all things running and fitness. Something not often discussed in the running community is the topic of being mentally strong when it comes to running, not just physically.

Mohsin Salya
Do I Need Special Running Socks? | Mohsin Salya

Hi, welcome to the Mohsin Salya blog! It's a question you may have never asked yourself - do I need special running socks, or are normal socks good enough? And are the more expensive brands better quality? In this post I'll be sharing my thoughts on why you need to think about your socks when running.

Mohsin Salya
The Most Common Running Injuries | Mohsin Salya

Hi there and welcome back to the Mohsin Salya blog. It's a fact of life that if you're a runner, there's a good chance of injury at some point. Some estimate that up to 80 per cent of runners are injured at some point each year.

Mohsin Salya
Tips for Running in the Rain | Mohsin Salya

Hi and welcome back to the Mohsin Salya blog. Rainy weather doesn't mean you can't go for a run, and you don't have to take your runs inside. And when it comes to the big race, there's a big possibility it could rain then too.

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