Mariah Jacox

College Sophomore

Location icon United States

I'm a 19 year sophomore at Ball State University. I like to read fictional books and listen to music. If I'm not doing either of those I'm probably watching YouTube or Netflix.


Class Writings

About the Author

Another piece of writing from this semester I chose to do the 10 fact we wrote, which has been revised. While this writing is very relaxed and informal, it shows a difference in tone and style. The audience for this is general. I also chose it because it gives more insight and information about myself.

Tragedy and Despair

This piece of writing has been revised. I have chosen this piece of writing because it shows how descriptive I can be. The audience is general as it just recalls a memory that has impacted my life.

Working for Better Performance

I have decided to include this paper over introverts and extroverts working together in my portfolio. I think it was important to include this because everyone has an opinion on whether we work better in groups or not and I believe I have made valid points. The audience for this piece of work is more scholarly.

One of Three

The next piece of writing I picked is my formative letter about why college in America is so expensive. As a college student I find this relevant as I deal with college fees. The audience for this is scholarly and formative.

Out of Class Writings

Sleep Deprivations Effects on Driving

For my piece that is supposed to be out of class I decided to use a piece from my psychology class. It is a scholarly research paper, so the audience is also scholarly. It has my opinion and factual information, so it is a bit diverse and different than just a straight research-based paper.

Reflection and Contents