Ms. Minolta C. Walker

Atlanta Badass Ghostwriter + Building My Ghostwriting Agency To $10,000/mo| EdTech|Helping education-facing technology companies surpass 100K in revenue!

United States

A ghostwriter for EdTech companies needs to be more than just a writer.

With the ever-shifting landscape of digital learning, an experienced ghost must tap into their knowledge of technology and education to create content that resonates with the target audience.

As such, I'm a well-rounded professional with a background in the EdTech industry and writing.

I have worked on numerous projects in my four years as an EdTech ghostwriter for b2b companies, from copywriting for product launches and website creation to crafting marketing campaigns and assessing client performance reports.

These experiences have allowed me to develop skills such as understanding complex concepts, keeping up with current trends, finding creative solutions in challenging environments, and working collaboratively with clients.

My writing style is engaging yet concise; I always strive to provide concise yet comprehensive information that readers can act upon quickly.

Additionally, I also specialize in SEO optimization strategies that focus on driving organic traffic without sacrificing quality for quantity.

If you're looking for an experienced EdTech ghostwriter who can craft quality content while keeping up with the latest developments in the tech world, look no further!


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