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Kettle Magazine
The Quarter-Life Crises: Life Begins At 23

I don't care what the positive minded 20-somethings preach; millennial life is a tough one to live in. The constant reminders to live in the moment have be doing the complete opposite, and how ironic that I read this on the very smartphone I'm urged to spend less time on.

Your Nan's Living Room In The Middle Of Manchester

Tea and cake does not come better than in your Nan's living room on cute patterned plates and in adorable cups and saucers. Growing up with Irish grandparents means tea is on tap and saying no to endless amounts of food is a sin (you may aswell grab the holy water yourself).

Why we all need a Slice of the 'I'm A Celeb' Dream Team Ethics

To quote Kylie Jenner, 2016 has been "the year of realising stuff". It has ignited doubt, fear, disappointment, and uncertainty at times. The loss of the legend David Bowie kickstarted a year which ended with the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States - proving racism, discrimination and sexism to be things which seem to be accepted - with a lot of loss and outrage wedged in-between.

Culture Trip
Meet The Designer Who Builds Her Clothes Like Lego

Millie Finn Updated: Winner of the 2016's Creative Catwalk Award, this designer has a unique inspiration when creating her pieces: she models them after lego blocks. Enter emerging talent, Hazel Symons. Graduate Fashion Week 2016 blessed the catwalk with Hazel, the girl dubbed the graduate to watch, with her make-it-yourself collection.

Counteract - Birmingham's Online Music Magazine
Review: The Lemon Twigs bring rock n’ roll to Digbeth

The main attraction, The Lemon Twigs, came onto the stage with a friendly introduction before confidently heading straight into the first, and arguably most recognised, on the setlist. I Wanna Prove To You definitely set a beautifully nostalgic tone for the rest of the night with an almost old-fashioned sound that has your mind transported back 50 years.

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