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Michael Wall is a technology journalist with over eight years of experience, covering a wide range of products and topics reaching millions of unique readers. Honed skills in critical thinking, networking, and communication fostering strong contacts with industry leaders such as Lenovo, MSI, and Gigabyte.

Transistor Review: Respectfully Demanding

Transistor is an incredibly well produced experience that respects both your intelligence and your time. There are moments where the narration and the writing don't quite meet the high-bar set by the overall experience, but few games can claim to have crafted a better tale.

MSI GT75VR Titan Pro Review

When it comes to optimal performance the MSI GT75VR Titan Pro 7RF sits atop the pile. The MSI GT75VR Titan Pro is opulence in gaming laptop form. Armed with a gorgeous 4K IPS 17.3-inch display, lightning fast Intel Core i7 CPU, powerful Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 GPU, and satisfying mechanical keyboard the MSI GT75VR Titan Pro offers one of the best mobile gaming experiences that money can buy.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Review

The Samsung ATIV Book 9, formerly known to many as the Samsung Series 9 NP900X3E, is the epitome of what it means to be an ultrabook. Sexy, sleek and impossibly thin, the notebook feels like its offering a glimpse of the future; but living in tomorrow is not a cheap endeavor.

Windows 10s and the Acer TravelMate Spin B1 Combine for Education

Microsoft is targeting Education with it's new pared down version of its operating system, Windows 10s. The OS offers a simpler walled garden approach, that's less taxing for PCs boasting faster load times. Sounds like the perfect match for Acer's recently introduced TravelMate Spin B1 convertible laptop.

Dell Latitude 7380 Review

The Dell Latitude 7380 is an enterprise laptop first, but it has a well-rounded feel. The 13.3-inch laptop features a fantastic build design, with impressive security features, and MIL-STD durability, but it also houses a gorgeous display with razor-thin bezels.

Microsoft Xbox One Review: A Promising Start

Microsoft's aspirations to take over the living room didn't appear out of thin air. The Xbox 360 - which launched as a dedicated game console back in 2005 - has morphed considerably over its eight year lifespan. The addition of apps, music and streaming services like Netflix, transformed the once game-centric console into something much more.

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