Mike Giegerich

Freelance journalist

United States

Los Angeles-based journalist located at the underground, the main stage, and the space in between.

Palaye Royale's Fever Dream

A profile of rock's most exciting band as they dive into brotherly bonds, the vanity of Los Angeles, and their forthcoming album: Fever Dream.

Yikii realises her quest to find horror in the ordinary

‘Noctambulist 梦行者’ is as a disorienting affair where strained instrumentation and distant weeping accentuate Yikii’s eerie stanzas. In her quest to find horror in the ordinary, empty swing sets and forest floors are imbued with an unshakeable sense of dread.

Underground Underdogs
Static Dress Comes Calling with an Alternative Dream

Static Dress define their own point of view within the broader context of alternative sounds, existing in a space where free-time ambient and poetic post-hardcore are able to thrive simultaneously.

Underground Underdogs
daine Sees Through the Synchronicities

Melbourne-based vocalist and songwriter daine has spent 2020 carving out an alluringly dissonant niche that sits somewhere between the bittersweet melodramatics of emo rap and the unrequited intimacy of bedroom pop.