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Migle Vaisnoraite


Location icon Lithuania

Starting from the present, I am journalism master student in the University of Groningen. Together with my classmates we have created few online platforms The Spoke and Zeitwurst to publish our work. Pieces I have produced varies from written online news articles and features, to radio and video pieces. During our 1 hour radio program, I was selected to be one of the presenters and was responsible for writing the script. My interest areas are longer in dept articles, features or podcasts about social issues and culture.
Going back to the past, I obtained my bachelor diploma in Scandinavian studies and Norwegian language at Vilnius University. I also spent one year on exchange in Oslo University. During my study period I was writing articles for various university publications about cultural and scientific events, and theater reviews.

The Spoke
Alcohol intoxication just a phone call away

By James Field, Antonella Serrecchia, Frans Snackers, Migle Vaisnoraite A technical loophole is allowing underage drinkers in the Netherlands to get alcohol delivered to their doors almost free from age checks, and delivery companies can sell free from fines. The student city of Groningen provides a telling example, with local authorities passing the buck as...

The Spoke
Blind, Blinder and the Blindest or When You Only See Gold

By Migle Vaisnoraite We Are was a social event organized on September 14th in Lithuania to raise awareness of the problems disabled people face everyday. Even though event took place in 20 municipalities it received little attention from society, politics and media compared to the uproar over the Paralympics prize sizes.

The Spoke
Ramadan: Food, Water and Other Struggles...

By Migle Vaisnoraite and Inès Mette Today is the 10th day of Ramadan. During the month of fasting, Muslims aim to reconnect with God. Ramadan is most known for restrictions on food and water, but these are not the only ones. Indeed, it poses different challenges to different generations.

The Spoke
Through the Eye of the Needle

by Spela Krajnc, Migle Vaisnoraite, Catalin Radu and Anna Severinenko

Different Stars - Different Future

Words by Špela Krajnc and Migle Vaisnoraite, in Groningen What is waiting for me in the future? If this annoying question keeps stalking you everywhere, everytime. If even scary signs like "Danger zone" and "Stay away" do not stop you wondering about what's waiting for you out there, smile, because the answer is here.

Dementia: future with no past

Words by Migle Vaisnoraite & Špela Krajnc, in Groningen "Do you really want to delete this file? Yes, delete it/ No, keep it". Some say computers don't have feelings, but they are kind enough to double-check before something is thrown to the trash bin. If only our brain would ask the same question.

Immortal Minds

Words by Miglé Vaisnoraite And they lived forever ever after... The prince packed his newly bought computer and set off on a quest to save his beloved princess. The princess was trapped in an average human body by evil Mother Nature. The princess gave the prince access to her brain and let him upload her...

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