Emanuele Midolo

Investigative Reporter

Location icon United Kingdom

Reporter at Property Week. MA in investigative journalism at City University, London. Former Editor in Chief at AgoraVox Italy.

Property Week
Who owns London?

Property Week reveals which companies own the biggest chunks of land in the capital - and the results may raise a few eyebrows.

Property Week
Kleptocracy Tour: dirty business

Emanuele Midolo joins a sightseeing tour of London properties bought with dirty money through offshore registered entities.

Property Week
Who owns Premier League stadiums?

On the eve of the new football season, Property Week decided to find out who owns the freehold to the Premier League’s grounds.

Property Week
Millwall regeneration: into the Lions den

As the controversy around the redevelopment of land surrounding Millwall FC's stadium intensifies, Emanuele Midolo meets for the first time both sides of this long-running saga.

Property Week
After the attacks

Retail and leisure landlords are urgently reviewing their security measures in the wake of the second terrorist attack in the UK in less than two weeks.

Property Week
The gig economy: a new space race

Emanuele Midolo asks what is driving pure-play online operators such as Uber to move into bricks and mortar.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Which countries treat children like children?

Over the last 6 months the Bureau has investigated how different countries in Europe treat unaccompanied minors seeking asylum. The data reveal stark inconsistencies between countries, and a large gap between a country's policies and the reality of the children who find themselves caught up in the asylum system.

The Hotspot Approach

Paola La Rosa has repeated these words almost four hundred times, this morning. Two words and a smile for every migrant landed at the Favarolo deck of Lampedusa. In most of the cases, they smile back. "There is no reason to be sad", she said. "These are the lucky ones.

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