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Micayla Sharkey

Writer-Brand Developer-Creative

Location icon United States

Micayla Sharkey has always wanted to be a writer for as long as she could remember. When she wasn’t pretending to be Indiana Jones or building forts in which to spend the day reading, she would be writing stories about the world inside her mind or “reporting” the news of the day.

Though not much has changed in way of hobbies, Micayla has gained notable experience in the field of writing, research, and marketing. After co-creating a coffee company at 17 and self-publishing a novel at the age of 18, Micayla went to Liberty University to study Global Studies and Business. During that time, she authored an ethnographic research paper dissecting human trafficking in the Philippines while living in the country, co-authored a prominent research paper on business and culture in Southeast Asia, aided an international non-profit in creating marketing materials, and wrote informational articles for a corporation that significantly increased their website traffic. Micayla also won the Halloween Costume Contest each year it was held; this is one of her proudest achievements.

After graduation, Micayla served refugees in her hometown as a Program Assistant at an international non-profit organization. In this role, she wrote and curated information for federal grant writing, tutored recently-immigrated high school students, and created a summer program for said students centered around cultural integration and thriving within their new communities.

Micayla hopes to grow in her writing and media career as she travels the world, creates art, fights against social injustices, and, on off-days, spends the day reading in forts.


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