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THE BUSINESS OF PLAY Toy & Game Innovation
Design Edge Rocks 30 Years of Toy Innovation

“On my way to the office this morning, I was stuck in a traffic jam behind truckloads of fake palm trees that were headed for a film set,” says Matt Nuccio.

THE BUSINESS OF PLAY Toy & Game Innovation
In Memoriam: Arthur Melin and Richard Knerr - Co-Founders of WHAM-O

In the toy business, we aspire to create fun for people. Art ("Spud") Melin and Richard ("Rich") Knerr had a knack for fun, and an open door for outside inventor ideas. The childhood friends formed WHAM-O in 1948, as college students, when they began making and selling slingshots in a garage.

Global Toy News
Barbie, Bratz and the Dilemma Over Bald Fashion Dolls

It’s been a bumpy path for Mattel navigating this issue in the social media space these last couple of months. They were slow to respond to the public’s appeal, and when they did, they found their answer harshly criticized in the media as being inadequate.

THE BUSINESS OF PLAY Toy & Game Innovation
Theora Design Recognized with TAGIE Lifetime Achievement Award

What do popsicles, motorized bicycles, and Anne Frank have to do with one another? They are all part of the path that led Ora and Theo Coster to the stage at the 2012 TAGIE Awards. Theirs is an inspiring story that spans continents, decades....and the terror of wars.