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Michelle Morales

Freelance Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

Location icon United States

Beauty copywriter with a background in marketing. Previously of Marc Jacobs Beauty, Biossance, and ipsy.


Marketing Emails

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Spring Travel Essentials

Travel-themed email focusing on bestselling eye collections. Features clever wordplay, a signature of the MJB voice.

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Get the Look

Step-by-step email promoting MJB's new Gold Edition Eye Collection. Breaks down a stunning Morgane Martini look to show how the products can be used together.

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Brow Wow Duo Launch

Introduces new Brow Wow Duo, focusing on hero message and key points of differentiation.

Social Media

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Marc Jacobs Beauty Instagram Captions

Examples of Instagram captions featuring Marc Jacobs Beauty's effortless, playful tone. Visual cues inspire wordplay in the spirit of Marc Jacob's own voice.

Biossance Instagram Captions

Examples of Instagram captions featuring Biossance's informative yet approachable voice. Captions seek to educate without being stuffy.

ipsy Instagram Captions

Examples of Instagram captions featuring ipsy's bubbly, youthful voice. Playful use of emojis and games drive engagement.

Product Marketing - Digital & VM

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Marc Jacobs Beauty Product Pages

Examples of product page copy for Sephora.com and MarcJacobsBeauty.com. Voice is more neutral and informative with the goal of driving sales.

Marc Jacobs Beauty
Marc Jacobs Beauty Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising endcap design for Sephora North America. Features succinct product copy to quickly convey the hero product's points of differentiation on the endcap and more detailed product information on the shelf 5x7.

Printed Collateral

iFacialPro Brochure

Professional facial tool. Product benefits brochure and instructions for use.

Video - Scripts & Captions

Blog Posts

You Asked. We Answered.

Today we're answering some of your most commonly asked questions about skincare and our products. Don't see your question here? Let us know what other questions you're dying to have answered in the comments below. Will vitamin C brighten and even out my skin tone? Yes!

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

We get asked about routines A LOT, so to help inspire you to spring clean your skincare routine, we created routines for three different skin concerns. And while we don't believe there's a one-size-fits-all order of application, these routines follow the order we recommend get the most benefit out of our products.

Fall into a New Routine

Ever wonder why every time the season changes your skin totally freaks out? Well, colder weather brings drier air that can make keeping your skin supple and hydrated a challenge. Even those of us with oily skin find that suddenly, our skin has more micro-climates than San Francisco.

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