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Student at the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications.

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It's More Than an Undergarment: Styling Heattech - Blush Magazine

It's that time where we make our Uniqlo rounds to stock up on one of the only things that will help us survive winter: Heattech. Sure, mittens, scarves, and pom pom beanies can keep us warm but the brand's insulating innerwear has some magical powers when it comes to keeping the heat in.

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Styling The #LadyBoss Suit - Blush Magazine

Midterms, work life, the weekly karaoke club visit, self-care and oh yeah, sleep. Let's face it. As students in New York, the hustle and bustle of life lend our planners more action than our wardrobes. With busy schedules, and not to mention the approaching unfriendly weather, our outfits and the effort we put into our...

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Yes, Body Masks Are a Thing - Blush Magazine

It's finally fall in New York. This means bringing the turtlenecks, warm drinks and cozy playlists out of seasonal retirement. But if there's one thing that we aren't as happy to embrace, it's the chilly temperatures-a walk down the street can't go without wind-tangled hair or a quick chapstick application.

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Spray it and Believe it: The Power of Setting Spray - Blush Magazine

Does setting spray actually work? A few summers ago I watched my friend meticulously apply her makeup and then with just one product her skin was glowing. I gave it a try myself and with a spritz or two achieved the same radiant look. It was the one and only setting spray that did the...

Bombshell By Bleu

2018 is the year of the woman. Women demanded their voices be heard and stopped at nothing to achieve their greatest destiny. Sharon Carpenter, reporter, television personality, producer, and designer, is the epitome of this revolutionary woman and a true boss! It wasn't until she moved to New York City where she discovered her passion ...

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I Am Chinese. I Am American.

I am in the gray. Growing up a Chinese American put me there. Am I too westernized and neglecting my heritage or Am I 'too' Asian for this white washed society? These are the questions that often circle in my mind. I've always felt this cultural imbalance.

Bombshell By Bleu
Petite Women And Fashion: A Not So Love Story ⋆ Bombshell By Bleu

If you're someone who is under the average height, this one is for you. Yes being short has its advantages like squeezing between strangers to get a spot on the train or being offered the cheaper (and more fun) kids menu at restaurants. But the benefits are outweighed by the challenges, especially when it comes ...

Bombshell By Bleu
What Went Wrong With Madonna's Skincare Line - Bombshell By Bleu

On Tuesday, Madonna launched her skincare line, MDNA, in the United States after three years on the Japanese market. The products range from $50-$600 (yes that's the real price) and will be sold at Barneys New York and Beverly Hills locations and online via Barneys and her website according to WWD.

Blush Magazine - Fall 2016

A compilation of perspectives on feminist topics through the arts of journalism, photography and illustration. Please find my article on page 36.

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