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Michelle Lee


I'm currently a student at the Fashion Institute Technology (FIT) majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. I'm also a contributing fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and music writer at FIT's Blush Magazine.

The Klog
Our Favorite 2020 K-Pop Comeback Makeup Looks You Can Recreate at Home

Looking for K-Beauty inspo? Look no further than Korean pop music. We've got the best of both worlds with this roundup of our favorite recent makeup looks seen on K-Pop's biggest stars. A new year rings in new resolutions but for K-Pop fans, it also promises fresh comebacks.

Blush Magazine
BTS' 'Map of the Soul: 7' Album Review - Blush Magazine

BTS' global success is anything but ordinary. Dominating the billboard charts, selling out world stadium tours, and collaborating with big names in music, aren't part of just anyone's routine. Yet, their full-length album, Map of the Soul: 7 , reminds us that they are just like us.

Blush Magazine
Harry Styles Walks a 'Fine Line' Between Gender, Sexuality, Love, and Heartbreak - Blush Magazine

On December 13th (that is the Friday the 13th), former One Direction member released his second album Fine Line. The mix of piano ballads, happy-go-lucky guitar, folk melodies, and Freddie Mercury-esque layered harmonies, the record reflects Styles's musical evolution along with truthful revelations on love, sex, fame, and just about everything else under the...

Bubble Goods, Inc.
The Healthier Alternative To PSL -- Swap It Out

Photo: @Starbucks For some people, chilly weather and cable knit sweaters are total autumnal vibes. But for others three letters and the scent of fall spices ring in the season. Yes it's the Pumpkin Spice Latte and this year the hype is just around the corner (literally).

Blush Magazine
It's More Than an Undergarment: Styling Heattech - Blush Magazine

It's that time where we make our Uniqlo rounds to stock up on one of the only things that will help us survive winter: Heattech. Sure, mittens, scarves, and pom pom beanies can keep us warm but the brand's insulating innerwear has some magical powers when it comes to keeping the heat in.

Blush Magazine
Styling The #LadyBoss Suit - Blush Magazine

Midterms, work life, the weekly karaoke club visit, self-care and oh yeah, sleep. Let's face it. As students in New York, the hustle and bustle of life lend our planners more action than our wardrobes. With busy schedules, and not to mention the approaching unfriendly weather, our outfits and the effort we put into our...

Bombshell By Bleu

2018 is the year of the woman. Women demanded their voices be heard and stopped at nothing to achieve their greatest destiny. Sharon Carpenter, reporter, television personality, producer, and designer, is the epitome of this revolutionary woman and a true boss! It wasn't until she moved to New York City where she discovered her passion ...

Bombshell By Bleu
Artist Shenna Releases New Single "Magenta" ⋆ Bombshell By Bleu

We've been here before. Endlessly scrolling through Spotify to find new music for our monthly playlists. But, there's one artist that has us covered for November and that is Shenna. The New York City singer-songwriter released her single "Magenta", a confidence anthem with electronic beats and provocative lyrics- think along the lines of Little ...

Bombshell By Bleu
Jorja Smith: The U.K. Artist We're About ⋆ Bombshell By Bleu

Getting a DM from Drake is far from reality for most but not for Jorja Smith, the 20 year old singer from Washall, West Midland. Her voice and genre, which go along the same wavelength as Amy Winehouse, landed her a collaboration with Drake; her feature in "Get it Together", preceded by "Jorja Interlude" on More ...

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