Michelle Bourg

Editorial Consultant and Word Geek

Location icon United States of America

Known for effective and creative communication solutions, I’m passionate about connecting audiences with meaningful stories and information. It’s my professional mission to convey a message by writing engaging, correctly styled content and editing for impact with the appropriate tone and voice.

I’ve always been a word geek; I'm the one in the group busy proofreading signs and punctuating spelled-out text messages. Since I was a kid, I've been the “word doctor,” entrusted with sharpening the message, finding the voice and fixing the errors in all kinds of communication projects. Over time, I’ve evolved all my positions, whatever their description, into communicator roles.

And with a background at a nonprofit with a small staff and a big agenda, I’ve learned about writing as project management: handling multiple deadlines and the balance between being a self-starter and collaborating on team goals. I especially enjoy helping others find their own inner word geek; hearing “You made me sound like me, only better!” is something I treasure.

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