Michelle "Mimi" Sanders

UX Designer & Copywriter

United States

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My goal is to narrow down my writing career to become a UX Designer. My experience is very diverse which includes: social media content creation, web design, e-commerce, scriptwriting for TV & radio, and Quora contributor.

I’ve always had a passion for writing. I enjoy creativity which is why I have a heavy background in media, e-commerce, and traditional marketing.


E-Commerce Copywriting

E-commerce company (name of company is in my resume).
I was a copywriter for a high luxury e-commerce company.

When I was working for this e-commerce company, I was promoted to become a copywriter for women's fashion. This company is a re-sell company - customers send in their high luxury brand products. I had to accurately measure, verify authenticity, and input condition of the used item. As you can see here - I wrote the description, details, and condition.

Marketing Intern Project
Copywriting for an e-commerce makeup brand.

I had a mini-project to do for an internship I applied for with an e-commerce cosmetic brand company. I did my research to understand each product they wanted to sell on their website. In this project you will see my e-commerce merchandising abilities; my copywriting skills; and my marketing analysis skills.

Instructional Writing and UX Audit

Instructional Content for my eBay product.

I made these instructions after I received a message from a buyer. The buyer sent me a picture and told me she broke her item by pulling the pop-out socket too hard. I had to send her a brand new one because she asked for a replacement. I lost money sending her a replacement. So, I decided to write these instructions to avoid anymore future issues with using this product. These instructions are shown on the website and inside every package I send with the product. I also wrote the entire copy...

Web Design and UI Writer

UI Text - Discontinued Publication

I was a web designer for this brand. I made their entire website and some social media ads for the brand's Instagram and Facebook. Unfortunately this publication has been discontinued so I blocked the name of the brand just in case there is a trademark or owning issue with the name.

Peninsula Automotive Clinic
Peninsula Automotive Clinic

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Eye Create 1234 - Quora Contributor

I am a Quora contributor for a metaphysics topic that is widely known as "The Secret" or "Law of Attraction". You can see my content creation and blogging skills when I answer questions pertaining to this topic.