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Rising Music Star Skinny Pelembe Introduces Himself and His Debut Album

The more you find out about Skinny Pelembe, the harder it becomes to sum up who he is and what he does. A unique figure in the extended family of musicians that surround Giles Peterson and his record label Brownswood, Pelembe isn't part of any one scene or a creator of any one sound.

HOMESHAKE - 'Helium' Review | Highsnobiety

The first thing you notice about the new HOMESHAKE album is that the guitars are gone. Where the lo-fi R&B producer/singer's 2017 offering Fresh Air opened with a gently seductive solo, Helium, the fourth album by the former Mac DeMarco guitarist, starts with the sound of birdsong and a Juno 60 keyboard.

Loud And Quiet
Vera Sola - Paranormal poetry and saloon tunes from a true American history - Loud And Quiet

"Being a strong woman, especially a small strong woman, is weird to people" There's a deliberate timelessness to Vera Sola' songwriting. Full of gothic imagery, Morricone-esque guitar and lingering vocals, there's a sense that the songs on the singer and multi-instrumentalist's debut album, 'Shades', could have been written anytime between the first wagon arriving in the west and Trump's election.

Crack Magazine
Onyx Collective are letting NYC's rule-breakers in through a revolving door

Onyx Collective are shapeshifters. Like the often-improvisational spirit of their music, the band's line-up changes form with every project. As a sprawling New York City-based jazz collective, Onyx are artists, dancers, musicians, producers and singers, as well as avast universe of collaborators. It's near-impossible to define who is and who isn't part of it.

On 'Broken Politics,' Neneh Cherry Reclaims Her Role as Pop Icon

Neneh Cherry is an international icon. Born in Sweden, raised in punk London by a renowned artist and legendary jazz musician and having toured and lived across the world with an extended family of some of the best musicians and artists around, it's safe to say that Cherry doesn't get the recognition she deserves.

Novelist is the UK's most independent-minded MC - Notion

Novelist's debut album Novelist Guy lands this Friday. We meet one of the grime scene's most pioneering new MCs to talk 'Stop Killing The Mandem', religion and taking his time. Novelist 's debut album has been nearly five years in the making. In the scheme of the UK's current rap explosion, that's a long time.

Notion Magazine
Ibeyi Make Music for a Disruptive Diaspora - Notion Magazine

At this point, anyone with a sibling might be wondering how Ibeyi hasn't broken up yet. Creative differences have been the end of many bands, let alone bands made up of family members and all the frustration that can come with them.

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