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Michael Kerr is an award-winning writer living in Portland, Oregon. He has published thousands of articles and blog posts for dozens of publications including Forbes, Fortune, VentureBeat, Portland Business Journal and many other books, magazines, websites and anthologies.

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Is Your Favorite Sports Team Killing You

Posted 5/13/2015 by UHBlog In America, sports is a national pastime like, well, baseball and apple pie - and football and basketball and hockey. Each week, millions of Americans...


10 Tests Every Man Should Get

Posted 4/28/2015 by UHBlog Are you one of those guys who hasn't visited your doctor in years? You are not alone. Even though early detection saves lives, one-fourth of all men...


Too Hot to Handle Be Safe in the Summer Heat

Posted 5/26/2015 by UHBlog It's only natural to want to take advantage of the warm weather by getting in some extra training outside. But with temperatures on the rise, your...


Youre Grilling Me The Healthiest and Not-So-Healthy Things to Cook Over an Open Flame

Posted 5/5/2015 by UHBlog The days are getting longer and, as another winter quickly recedes into memory, summer is so close you can almost taste it - along with all of those...


Transition of Care

Transition of Care program helps kids with chronic illnesses move from Children's Health into adult treatment.


Dr. Colin A. Banas Discusses Meaningful Use, Patient Engagement and Portals - Insight ON

Meaningful Use has meant big changes and even bigger challenges for many healthcare providers. But, for those organizations committed to health technology, there's no going...


Common Food Allergies

When the body's immune system reacts abnormally to something a person eats or drinks, it's known as a food allergy. Food allergies may affect as many as 220 to 520 million...


When to Be Concerned About Memory Loss

Posted 4/2/2015 by UHBlog If you have questions about your cognitive function, ask us. So you've forgotten why you went into the dining room or you've misplaced your car keys -...


Grandma Your Breath Smells Funny

Posted 4/10/2015 by UHBlog For most of us, bad breath is a sign that we need to brush or floss regularly or more often. However, for many elderly people, that may be easier said...


Rite of Passage Alcohol and Young Athletes

Posted 4/6/2015 by UHBlog There's a new game in town. Some runners are choosing to not only test their athletic skills, but their alcohol tolerance by competing in an event...


Car Seat Program

The car seat program is part of The Children's Health Trust, dedicated to making life better-and safer-for kids.


Five reasons to become a medical assistant - Pennsylvania Institute of Technology

By Michael Kerr There's never been a better time to be a medical assistant. Health care-related fields are set to add 15.6 million new jobs between 2012 and 2022 - far more than...

Creative Nonfiction


Who Killed the Somerton Man?

On the morning of December 1, 1948, the dead body of a well-dressed man was found slumped against a sea wall near Somerton Beach in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The...


The Electric Fence

In the summer between my fifth and sixth grade years, my parents moved our family to a small farm in Southern Oregon. My initial distress at being separated from lifelong...


Every Heartbeat Counts

"How attached are you to this puppy?" the veterinarian asked my then-girlfriend, Nikki."We love him," she sobbed. We had only had Poe for two days."He has a hole in his heart,"...