Michael A. Van Kerckhove


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I am taking my years of writerly experience to new heights as I seek out more freelance/contributing writer opportunities.

I’d love to be a part of your publication, campaign, or communications team, whether local (Chicago), National, or International.

Expertise and Interests: Chicago, Detroit/Michigan; Midwest; Pop Culture & Gen X Culture/Nostalgia; Theatre & The Arts; Music; Books, Writing, and Literacy; History; Conservation/Environmental; Social Issues; LGBTQ; Nonprofits; Food/Beer/Cocktails & the Restaurant Industry; Web Writing, Creative Nonfiction, Interviews, Fiction, and Poetry.

Everyone Should Go to Live Lit Events

I invite you, now that the days are shorter and colder, to come out from underneath your blankets and pull up a chair or barstool to warm yourself around the proverbial cave-person fire and participate in a ritual as ancient as we are.

Belt Magazine
On The Rouge

Of all the fathers and sons I know, I'm fairly certain my dad and I are the only ones who would spend part of a hot spring Wednesday afternoon peering into a sewer grate. However, this is not just any sewer grate.

The Snackpot
The Snackpot - Snack Reviews

In 2012, I was a part of the original writing team for the now offline food and culture site, The Snackpot. This document contains all snack reviews written for the site.The Snackpot’s mission was“to raise snacks to the highest echelons of pop culture” by way of intelligent and witty writing with “just the right dose of snark.” The site aimed to be accessible to readers of a variety of backgrounds, but the predicted primary readership was “college educated and urban with a robust pop culture...

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