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Education Writers Association
How Latino Parents Judge School Quality - Education Writers Association

So how do Latino parents judge the quality of their child's school? The good old-fashioned way: by reviewing their child's report card. A recent poll conducted by the Leadership Conference Fund, a nonprofit civil rights group based in Washington, D.C., found that 86 percent of Latino families said their child's report card topped the list in judging school quality.

Education Writers Association
Five Stories You Might Have Missed This Week - Education Writers Association

Big step for SUNY Albany: Havidán Rodríguez, a higher education leader in Texas, is the first Hispanic president of the State University of New York at Albany. "I am honored and privileged to have been chosen to serve as the University at Albany's next president," Rodríguez said.

Tampa Bay Times
Scott approves bill creating Florida Polytechnic University

Florida has its 12th public university. As the state's other universities are about to see their coffers drained by hundreds of millions of dollars, Gov. Rick Scott on Friday signed a bill creating Florida Polytechnic. The bill had sparked an intense reaction across the state, with everyone from students, faculty, politicians and business leaders weighing in.

Tampa Bay Times
Florida Virtual School's revenues falling short of expectations

Hailed as a money-making model, Florida Virtual School's effort to bring in millions in extra income is falling short and the venture may soon be in the red. Charged by lawmakers to aggressively seek revenue, the nation's largest state-funded online K-12 school last year launched a deal with a private company to take over sales of its courses outside of Florida.

Tampa Bay Times
Success of Florida Virtual School is difficult to measure

The fastest growing public school district in Florida doesn't have football, school lunches or busing. It doesn't get a grade from the state, and it operates free of the rules and scrutiny that dog most public schools.

Tampa Bay Times
Bill and Melinda Gates visit Tampa to discuss their investment in Hillsborough schools

TAMPA - The billionaires ate chicken wraps from the school cafeteria. They donned goggles in a chemistry class. And they chatted up teachers whose lives they have drastically changed. Bill and Melinda Gates, one of the wealthiest couples in America, spent Wednesday at Tampa's Jefferson High School checking on their $100 million investment in Hillsborough County to reform teacher training and pay.

American Journalism Review

The media reports Curtis Larson's erroneous tale of his son and daughter-in-law's death aboard one of the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center. By Natalie Pompilio Natalie Pompilio is a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Pompilio, a frequent contributor to AJR, is a reporter for New Orleans' Times-Picayune.

Tampa Bay Times
Pinellas teacher's 33-year career: fired, rehired, transferred, investigated

The parents complained, and complained, and complained again. It didn't matter if their kids were black or white, at-risk or honor roll. Year after year, they said similar things about Maria Raysses-Whipple and what she was doing in her classroom: botching grades. Putting down students. Making them hate school.