Meredith Kane


Oklahoma is where I was born. Iowa is where I was raised. And Tennessee is where I live now -- Nashville, to be exact.

I want to share experiences and share stories. I want my words to empower and encourage. Above all, I want to love well.



Little Voices Are Loud

A product-based brand designed to educate children about what's happening in our world, and then equip them to make a difference! [Copywriter for online content.]

Morton & Mabel

A children's clothing brand focused on creating simple, timeless pieces, as beautiful as they are functional. [Copywriter for online content.]


A platform for socially conscious shopping that empowers people in developing communities worldwide. [Editor for Artisan Stories and Brand Descriptions.]

Tennessee Alternative Medicine

A center for holistic healing, focused on creating a peaceful environment for those looking to become physically and emotionally healthier. [Editor for online content.]

Elemental Vitality

Devoted to guiding individuals into a state of balance and vibrance, and in living harmoniously with the natural rhythms of the universe. [Copywriter for online content.]

You & Yours Distilling

California's first urban 'destination distillery' and cocktail bar, created out of a desire for connection and shared experience. [Copywriter for flagship spirits.]


Ruthie Lindsey Design


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