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Melody Chan


Location icon United States

I am a freelance travel and entertainment writer based in New York City.

I love telling stories and even more so listening to them. So I threw myself into the world of screenwriting and eventually journalism. I continue to grow as a writer through various writing opportunities. Some of which has allowed me to pursue other passions of mine, such as researching and traveling. Being able to write compelling and inspiring content has been a rewarding experience thus far.

Don't be shy and get in touch with me at [email protected] if you'd like to give me feedback or if you're interested in working with me.

Hive Life Magazine
Strawpocalypse: Art As A Wake-Up Call

Ever wondered how many straws it might take to cause a Strawpocalypse, or how many plastic cups it takes to develop Plastikophobia? Artist Benjamin Von Wong wants to show you.

Hive Life Magazine
The Netflix Chef Behind Hong Kong's most Prestigious Restaurant

Meet Chef Shane Osborn, a household name in the global culinary scene, a finalist on Netflix's The Final Table and owner of the acclaimed, Michelin-starred restaurant Arcane in Hong Kong. Shane Osborn is no stranger to Michelin awards.

Hive Life Magazine
The Final Table's Chef Esdras Ochoa Takes Hong Kong

With outposts around the world and a stint on Netflix's The Final Table, Chef Esdras Ochoa is now bringing Mexican food to Hong Kong. Here, he tells Hive Life how he turned a taco cart into an empire.

Jet Li Took on Disney's "Mulan" for His Daughters

The international action star, Jet Li, who has reduced his output of works in the past couple of years, addressed topics fans have long been curious about, such as his current health and film career.

Brooklyn Reporter
Bay Ridge brothers spread love and blankets this holiday season

Two brothers from Bay Ridge, who believe the secret to living is giving, went on a mission to spread happiness this holiday season with their "Blankets of Hope" campaign on Sunday, December 18. Nick, 24, and Mike Fiorito, 20, passed out almost 100 blankets and jackets to the homeless throughout Manhattan, starting off with Madison ...

Brooklyn News Service
How He Did It: Trump's Winning Strategy

Right now, the people who Donald Trump attacked directly and indirectly throughout his candidacy are wondering, "How on earth did Donald Trump win?" Although Trump is a rookie in politics compared to Hillary Clinton, his victory in the presidential election was not without strategy. First, let's acknowledge his supporters.

Brooklyn News Service
Asian American Election Role Grows

This year's U.S. electorate will be the country's most "racially and ethnically diverse" ever, according to Pew Research Center. Yet, Asian American voters are still an afterthought during the presidential election season despite their growing presence. According to the U.S.

Rush Hour Daily News
What Went Down in Nice's Bastille Day Attack

Excited celebrants, young and old, gathered at the Promenade des Anglais to watch fireworks light up the sky in celebration of Bastille Day in Nice, France. Thunderous booms fused with the sounds of awe and laughter filled the joyous atmosphere a little after 10 pm on Thursday.

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