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Melissa Wong is a librarian, copyeditor, freelance journalist and published author who loves to write stories. Her work was recognized when she received the 2017 Atlantic Journalism Award. To become a writer, she earned a BA (Hons) from MUN and a journalism diploma from CNA.

Some of my stories have been circulated by publications such as Kicker, SaltWire Network, The Pearl, The Shoreline, Newfoundland Quarterly, CBC, Overcast, Atlantic Business Magazine, Engen Books

The Pearl
A whole lot to celebrate: The past year was a big one for Mount Pearl and its athletes, coaches...

According to Gerry Rice, the Mount Pearl Sport Alliance's annual celebration of athletes and sports builders is different from similar events held in other communities. Rice returned for the third time this past year as the chairman of the Sport Alliance and helped oversee the annual Sports Hall of Fame and Athletic Awards ceremony held at the Reid Community Centre last week.

The Newfoundland Quarterly
"Bee"lieve in the Newfoundland honey bees - The Newfoundland Quarterly

Honey bees are threatened by habitat loss, pesticides, herbicides, parasites, and disease. Newfoundland, Western Australia and the Isle of Man are the only three places where they are safe from many of these dangerous threats. Many Newfoundlanders are happy to have the bees.

The Shoreline News
Riding fat and fast as he can - The Shoreline News

By Melissa Wong | for The Shoreline | Vol. 31 No. 45 (January 23, 2019) Sean Dawe once cursed the snow but five winters ago he began snow biking and now he cannot wait to ride his fat bike through the snow. Dawe lives in Paradise. "The old rail bit that runs through Paradise.

The Jewish spy who loved me -

Melissa Wong Kicker Dr. Major Lewis Cohn didn't know his Jewish wife was a former Second World War spy until she published her book. "I knew she was in the French army and I knew (she) went into Germany alone during the war," Major said.

Newfoundland students raise schools of fish - Lifestyles - Kicker

Atlantic salmon are hatching in Grade 4 classrooms. Roncalli Grade 4 teacher David Sullivan said some of his students are worried about what will happen to the salmon after they are released. "Salmon return to the river they are born in," Sullivan said.

Shriners offer big tribute to man who built tiny cars -

A teacher and a mechanic is remembered by Shriners. The tiny 1976 Keystone Kop car used by the Shriner's in parades and celebrations now sat parked outside Carnell's Funeral Home. That Kop car was one of the Shriner cars that Hubert Morley Locke repaired over the years.

Hurricanes and storm chasers come to Newfoundland

If you have ever wondered how and why hurricanes are named, then read on storm enthusiast. Melissa Wong Kicker In the prairies, Joel Finnis searched for tornadoes. Since moving to Newfoundland, his search has shifted to hurricanes. After only a year in the province, he witnessed hurricane Igor in 2010 as it hit the island.

Fat bikes in the snow -

Newfoundlanders like to ride fast and free in spring, summer, fall and winter. Now that the snow has come, bikers took out their fat bikes to go to the Snowbike festival.

Holyrood enjoys summer fun with Squidfest | The Compass

HOLYROOD, NL - To celebrate Squidfest 30, the town of Holyrood - considered the squid capital of Canada - organized five days of fun. One of the Squidfest 30 events was a Pool Party at Holy Cross Swim Park on Saturday, July 21, featuring live music, and a bouncy castle.

The Pearl
Mount Pearl gran knows a thing or two about weightlifting

Liam Abbott, 15, qualified for the National Juniors when he made his personal best lift on Saturday. During the 2018 Fall Invitational Meet Dec. 1, Liam said that he felt like there was "no way" that he would quality until he lifted a snatch of 60 kilograms, and a clean and jerk of 75 kg.

The Shoreline News
Roncalli Crew Navigates Tough Obstacles

Photo: From left, Gavin Furey of Holyrood, Cody O'Leary of Avondale, Jack Quinlan of Holyrood, and Caleb Hiscock of Holyrood show off their model boat which they entered in competition at the Marine Institute on Saturday, winning the award for most aesthetically pleasing boat.** The model boat race nearly ended before it began for Roncalli High School's boat building team.

Newfoundland men's choir sing on local and national stages

For over 10 years, a St. John's men's choir has hit high notes on stages across North America. The award-winning Newman Sound Men's Choir of St. John's, Newfoundland, performed a concert at The Rooms on Nov. 9 called Remember. The event was part of Remembrance Day activities.

Driving under the influence of cannabis

http://kicker.cna-nl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/MW.Pot.Sor_.3-1.mp3 Cannabis is legalized for everyone over 19, whether they are ready or not. How much cannabis can someone use, before he or she gets into a car, turns the key and drives into traffic? How long should they wait before rolling out? If you ever wondered these questions, click the play button.

Local zombies dance to Thriller hit throughout St. John's

Eight years ago, Neighbourhood Dance Works asked volunteers to learn to dance as zombies for the hit Thriller. The volunteers' zombies perform at Halloween parties, people's lawns, street parties, every Halloween night in Georgetown, etc.

Fight heart disease with a colour -

Melissa Wong Kicker Stephanie Roberts isn't just another model at a fashion show, she's one of two minds that organized the Red Dress event. Roberts and Charity Drover are fourth-year Memorial University bachelor of nursing students who partnered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation to mastermind the Red Dress event.

Talking about mental health on Bell Let's Talk Day -

Students at the Prince Philip Drive campus of College of the North Atlantic who checked their email on Jan. 29 learned that therapy dogs were coming to the school for Bell Let's Talk day. Abby and Panda, two service dogs from St. John Ambulance, were on hand to help mark the national mental health awareness campaign.

Holyrood council discusses electricity rates | The Compass

HOLYROOD, N.L. - Holyrood mayor, Gary Goobie, stated that once Muskrat Falls becomes operational, there will be a significant rate increase imposed on towns, businesses and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. At a regular council meeting in Holyrood on July 24, the mayor told the councillors everyone will be affected by this new Muskrat Falls electricity rate, including Holyrood's residents.

Holyrood council preparing for tiny home trend | The Telegram

HOLYROOD, N.L. - The Town Council of Holyrood hopes to get ahead of a potential 'tiny homes' trend by considering changes to its development regulations. At a meeting of council on July 24, Coun. Kevin Costello said many people are looking at smaller scale homes because of impending electricity rate hikes and a desire to reduce their carbon footprints.

Holyrood council receives update on public spaces | The Compass

HOLYROOD, N.L. - The Town of Holyrood's Town Council recently discussed the upgrades made to various public locations in the community. At the July 24 meeting Coun. Jim Joy said upgrades are successfully being made to the marina, Holy Cross Swim Park, dog park, community garden and softball field.

Shopping without plastic in N.L. | The Telegram

Even without a government ban on single-use plastic bags in place in Newfoundland and Labrador, some local businesses are taking up the challenge to use less plastic. "Bring your container to one of our friendly staff members to be weighed prior to shopping our bulk candy selection and we will label your item with the price to deduct off your total at the checkout."

The push is on to grow local in N.L. | The Telegram

Living in a province that has lots of rocky soil can leave Newfoundlanders on the island dependent on the mainland, but gardeners and farmers are determined to cultivate crops. Joshua Smee, chair of the board of directors for the St. John’s

Family Fun Day at the Newfoundland Sports Centre

The City of St. John's final event of National Child's Day week Michelle Winsor, left, and Christina Jones planned the National Child Day program for the City of St. John's. They say the events are for everyone aged zero to 99.

Even in N.L., you need to watch your eyes | The Telegram

With so many types of eye protection available, how do you know what to trust? It's important to wear good sunglasses, but there are so many different types, it's hard to pick the right pair. When it comes to eye safety, it's best not to second guess, but check with the experts - optometrists.

Holyrood council praises recreation accomplishments, community volunteer | The Compass

Holyrood's council offered high praise to its recreation accomplishments in the town, as well as a special volunteer, new community spaces and roads. At the Aug. 21 regular meeting, councillors addressed a number of items during the regular go-around session. Paving roads Council talked about paving and resurfacing various roads in Holyrood.

Earth Rangers tour a hit at St. John's school | The Telegram

An animal meet-and-greet held in elementary schools across Canada to talk about the environment has returned to Newfoundland. Tuesday and Friday in St. John's and Mount Pearl, several animals went to school. Friday's assembly at Bishop Abraham Elementary School in St.

The Shoreline News
Weightlifting is a Family Affair

Photo: SUPPORT TEAM-Liam Abbott, left, of Paradise, had lots of support for his effort to make Canada's national weightlifting team during a qualifying event on Saturday.

CNA lockdown lifted -

By Kicker staff The Prince Phillip Drive campus lockdown has been lifted. College of the North Atlantic student Karly Philpott was in the library at the time. "I mean, I guess it opens up the idea of this can happen anywhere right? Philpott said. "I don't know if it's that big of a threat ...

Building explodes in Donovans Industrial Park in Mount Pearl | The Telegram

A building in Donovans Industrial Park exploded this morning with multiple emergency crews racing to the scene on Kyle Avenue, Mount Pearl. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is advising people to avoid the area. The explosion occurred at the Trimac National Tank Services building, which has been destroyed.

Know the warning signs of compassion fatigue: N.L. counsellor | The Labradorian

Helpers who are exposed to others' pain daily must be careful that they take care of themselves or they could experience compassion fatigue. Some give more than they should because they "feel like they have to keep giving," said Ted Power, guidance counsellor and co-ordinator for accessibility services at the College of the North Atlantic.

Maps of paper skin and wooden skeletons -

Danial D. Duda keeps a pressed flower as a bookmark because it reminds him why he became a map librarian. One night, while Duda was on the night shift, a couple of students came into the map library looking somewhat haggard. They were frustrated with their assignment because they couldn't find the information they needed.

Marine Atlantic Journalism
Marine Atlantic Journalism Awards

I was surprised and appreciated to have been selected as a recipient of the 2018 Marine Atlantic Journalism Award. I want to send a special thank you to Marine Atlantic for sponsoring this award. I also want to thank the CNA Journalism for selecting my work.

St. John's Jewish community celebrates Passover -

While most people in St. John's mark Good Friday and Easter this weekend, the Jewish community begins celebrating Passover - a spring festival commemorating the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. (Photo courtesy of Eczebulun [...]

Publisher's Panel

The Writer's Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador hosted a Publishing Panel on Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 1:30-5:00 p.m. in room A 1043, at Memorial University's Arts & Administration Building. It featured representatives from Boulder Publications, Breakwater Books, Engen Books, Flanker Press, ISER Books, Pedlar Press, and Running the Goat, Books & Broadsides. The panel was hosted by Kelly Power, WANL vice president. The panel included a questions and answers period and afterwards...

No April Fool's joke, minimum-wage is going up by 15 cents -

For 30 years, Donna Canning worked in many minimum-wage jobs in various Newfoundland communities. So the news that the minimum wage soon increase was of great interest to her. "I guess it is good for people who are working minimum-wage jobs," Canning said while working at Personally Yours by Things Engraved at the Avalon Mall.

Sheila's Come To Sweep Away Winter -

St. Patrick's Day is coming up. If you like popular folklore about this holiday, than you have probably heard of St. Patrick's wife Shelia.

Chinese community marks Year of the Dog

"We are supposed to come home, come home no matter where you are," said Shuangcheng He, the president of the Chinese Students' Association.

Bagging for change by banning plastic bags -

Capital cities such as Montreal and Victoria are banning plastic bags. Halifax is in the process of getting rid of them, too. However, St. John's, the capital city of Newfoundland, has been unable to enact a ban.

The 119th Anniversary of The Ode to Newfoundland Celebration

http://kicker.cna-nl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/MW.119-Anniversary-of-Ode.SOT_.1.25.2018.2.29-1.mp3 Dooly's on Water Street is the newest dating destination in the city - but they've added a playful twist. No sign? No problem.

The essence ... best of the best CNA journalism portrait photography. -

Kicker is a news site run by College of the North Atlantic student journalists. Our name has two different journalism definitions: a line of newspaper type above a headline or "surprising or poignant revelation at end of an article." From start to finish, our name reflects a vibrant, assertive approach to news gathering and reporting.

Tense Korean Reunion at PyeonChang Olympic Games -

February 9, 2018, the Opening Ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympic Games will take place in South Korea. Despite fears of a nuclear attack, North Korea is going to march with South Korea at the Winter [...]

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